YoRHa Stage Play, Ver. 1.1


YoRHa Ver.1.1 Stage Play Summary

The Complete YoRHa Squadron ]
Alpha Cast / Delta Cast

The following cast banners were made by me from various scans of the YoRHa CD booklet and the YoRHa Ver.1.1 official pamphlet. Please do not think that these are official images.


[ALPHA] Ruka Endo ——————– [DELTA] Ramu Tamagawa


[ALPHA] Saki Funaoka ——————– [DELTA] Risako Ito


[ALPHA] Mayu Kishida ——————– [DELTA] Moeka Yamamoto


[ALPHA] Naaboudoufu@Nana ————— [DELTA] Konona Shiba

[ALPHA] Yuri Murakami ————— [DELTA] Madoka Shimogaki


[ALPHA] Mai Nakamura ————— [DELTA] Kinatsu Kuraoka


[ALPHA] Eru Shigemoto ————— [DELTA] Ayaka Yamagami


[ALPHA] Runa Aida ——————– [DELTA] Saaya Goto


[ALPHA] Tamaki Sakurai ————— [DELTA] Kaede Fujimoto


[ALPHA] Miho Ataki ——————– [DELTA] Asuka Nagayoshi


[ALPHA] Miyuki Ise ——————– [DELTA] Minami Kashimura


[ALPHA] Peco Suzuki ——————– [DELTA] Ai Okura


[ALPHA] Akari Sakura ——————– [DELTA] Miyoung Hirota


[ALPHA] Haru Setoda ——————– [DELTA] Natsuko Mizuno


[ALPHA] Miho Amane ——————– [DELTA] Nina Hoshino


[ALPHA] Mami Takeuchi ——————– [DELTA] Ram Fukuno


[ALPHA] Ryoko Sakimura ——————– [DELTA] Nanami Nishi


[ALPHA] Mai Mikami ——————– [DELTA] Madoka Hanai


[ALPHA] Aoi Utano ——————– [DELTA] Minori Suzuki


[ALPHA] Miduki Katase ——————– [DELTA] Maya Miyase

Mio Yamada ————————————————— Yuuki Kimoto

Arisa Kuroda ————————————————– Sayuri Miyajima

  • The role of Seed was shared among four separate actresses.
    • Mio Yamada: May 23, 25, 26, 28
    • Yuuki Kimoto: May 24, 31
    • Arisa Kuroda: May 27, 28
    • Sayuri Miyajima: May 29, 30


YoRHa Ver1.1 has a total of 23 scenes!


Scene 1

[OST] DOD3: The Descent of God / Descendeus (神降)

In Orbit Base, “Bunker” Headquarters & Stratosphere

Backdrop: The 14th Machine War, Pearl Harbor Descent Mission, Altitude: 50,000, Number of Deployed Units: 12

Futaba: 45 minutes from mission start.
Yotsuba: Current altitude: 50,000. Units are past heat-critical point of reentry. Heat shields are cooling.
Futaba: Phased array radar systems are coming online. Preparing to open coms.
Yotsuba: Reaction control systems (RCS) are operating nominally.
Futaba: Electrical systems, check. There are no anomalies.
Yotsuba: Restoring voice communication.

No2: So, that’s the ocean~! It’s so beautiful~!
No16: Heh, you’re one to state the obvious, No2.
No4: Hey, hey! What do you think the Earth is like?
No21: I assume it would be much like in the simulations.
No4: Ugh, that’s not what I mean!

No3 (voice): You guys, we’re in the middle of the descent mission! Knock it off with the unnecessary commentary.

No2, 4, 16, 21: Okaaaaay.

No1 (voice): This is Squadron Leader, No1. The mission is progressing as planned. We will reach our designated landing point in 40 minutes. There is no sign of the enemy. What a cinch this is!
Commander: Don’t lower your guard.
No1 (voice): Understood. Man, she’s such a worry-wart. Our new model Canceller is operating as expect—

[SE: Explosion]

Yotsuba: No1 has been hit.
No16: What?!
No2: It can’t be! Not No1?
No21: What’s happening?

[SE: Explosions continue]

Yotsuba: No12 has been hit.
No4: No!!!!
No21: It’s impossible. We’ve fallen under attack upon descent!

Commander: What is going on!?
Futaba: They’re being targeted by a laser guidance system from above ground.
Commander: What about the Canceller?
Futaba: She received a direct hit.
Commander: Those damn machines. They’ve adapted again……

[SE: Explosions]

Yotsuba: No13, No 14 have been hit.
No2: What should we do???
No21: Calm down!
Commander: Shit! Find out where they’re firing from and destroy them with the orbital satellites.

[SE: Explosions]

[OST] DOD3: Arrival of the Guards / Prevolt / Armaros (防来/アルマロス)

Yotsuba: No22 has been hit.
Futaba: We’ve located the source of the attack: Johnston Atoll.
Commander: Obliterate that entire island.
Yotsuba: Satellite D132 will be ready to fire in 24 seconds.
Futaba: Commander, we’ve confirmed the loss of No1. In order for the mission to progress as scheduled, command will be transferred to No2.
Yotsuba: No2, please confirm your position of authority.
No2: Who? Me?
Futaba: No2, respond!
No2: Uhh, yes! I’m the squadron leader, right? I understand!
No11 (voice): Shit, we weren’t ever told about this!

[SE: Explosion]

No4: This is not what we were told to expect!
No3 (voice): What about the Canceller?! The Canceller!

[SE: Explosion]

No15: No, I can’t dodge it!

[SE: Explosion]

No12: Not like this! Somebody, help me!

[SE: Explosion]

No2: Everyone, don’t cluster together! Spread out!

Futaba: 46 minutes from deployment.
Yotsuba: Current altitude has fallen below 50,000, and will touch down in Pearl Harbor.

No2: Commander! Where’s our counter support?!
Yotsuba: The area will be in range within 5 seconds.

[SE: Explosion]

No2: Commander, please hurry!
Yotsuba: In range. Preparing to fire satellite lasers.
Commander: Fire!

[SE: Loud explosions last for roughly 2 seconds as the backdrop is filled with the scenes of a large explosion]

Yotsuba: The enemy fortress… has sunk. Scanning for nearby heat sources. Registering 23 short-range missiles at a distance of 42,000.
Commander: Bring them down.
No2: Y-yes, sir. Let’s go, everyone!

[No2, 4, 16, and 21 emerge from their shelter]

Futaba: The YoRHa squadron has deployed the F15 units.
Yotsuba: Closing distance: 33,000.
Futaba: F15 deployment: Complete. Engaging the in-coming fire.

No16: *screams*

[The F15s fire and the in-coming missiles explode.]

No16: Yes!!

[Continued fire destroys more in-coming missiles.]

No16: Yes!!
No21: Don’t get cocky! More are coming!
Yotsuba: Closing distance: 21,000.
No4: My turn!

[No4 brandishes her sword and destroys multiple missiles.]

No4: I did it!
Futaba: 7 missiles destroyed, 16 remaining.
Yotsuba: Closing distance: 9,000.

No2: Everybody, let’s do this!

[No2, 4, 16, and 21 release a multitude of missiles as explosions envelop the stage.]

No2: We did it…

[In-coming fire closes in on the YoRHa squadron.]

Futaba: 13 missiles destroyed, 3 remaining.

No21: No, more are coming! Get ready!
No16: We’re not gonna make it!
No2: Use the magnetic skin!
Yotsuba: Contact.

[SE: Explosions.]

Backdrop: NO SIGNAL

Yotsuba: Communications have been lost due to an EMP blast.
Commander: Check the signal from the black boxes.
Futaba: We’ve received the signal from the black boxes. Call-back: There are 3…no, 4. 4 YoRHa units have survived.
Commander: It seems as though the magnetic skin saved them. It will take time to reestablish the communication link. Keep trying to reach them with the communication laser.
Futaba: Understood.
Commander: (sighs) YoRHa Squadron…… So, 4 of you remain…… I’m depending on you, Next Gen.

[The collapsed No2, 4, 16, and 21 all rise to their feet.]

Scene 2
Opening sequence & dance – Song: Normandy

Scene 3
Pearl Harbor

With their numbers seriously reduced, No21 asks whether it may be best to scrap the mission, to which the Commander refuses and instructs them to continue on as planned.

While the girls begin to argue over their situation and fight amongst themselves (No16 removes her eye mask and complains how No4 wears hers all crooked, No4 says she wears it like that on purpose because she wants to look “pretty”), 128,000 enemy units begin to attack.

[OST] NieR: 15 Nightmares – Shadowlord’s Castle / Iron Fist

When the YoRHa girls begin to lose the battle, Rose and the rest of the Resistance appear help fight off the machines. Thanks to the YoRHa units’ influence, the machines began to gather in a single area—just what the Resistance had planned. At the right time, they set off a slew of land mines to decimate the oncoming machines. The remaining machines still left intact begin to withdraw.

Scene 4
Mission Control: Commander, Futaba, Yotsuba

The three watch as events unfold down on the surface of the planet. They realize that it was thanks to the Resistance that their YoRHa units survived their first close encounter with the machines.

[OST] DOD3: The Last Song (Opening, Kuroi Hana)

Some thousand years ago, aliens brought about the existence of the “Bio-machines” and forced the human race to retreat to the moon. Androids were created to combat these machines. While the machines are continually evolving, new android models must be created to keep up. The Resistance is actually made up of the remnants of an old android mission some hundred years previous. They somehow managed to survive all that time on the surface all the while fighting the machines. Yotsuba comments that it may still be possible for the current YoRHa mission to succeed with the help of the Resistance, however the Commander thinks it may be unlikely.

Scene 5
A Safe Location: 4 YoRHa units, the Resistance

The moment when No2 begins to thank the Resistance for their help, they all turn their guns on the four YoRHa units. Rose is the first to speak up, demanding to know who they are. The Resistance had not planned to help the YoRHa units; it just worked out that way. No2 tries to explain their mission while introducing each of them. Anemone speaks up and says that they never heard anything about a new mission, to which No21 says it was top secret—this is why no information was relayed to them. Anemone draws a blade, saying that there would be no problem, then, if the YoRHa units are all killed. She is about to rush No4 when Rose stops her. The frightened girl Lily agrees with Anemone, saying that since the machines have been advancing so much, it could be possible for them to even evolve into humanoid robots. No16 goes to attack Lily. Shion grabs Lily to protect her while Dahlia, drawing a sword, angrily goes to confront No16 who intern draws her knife. Dahlia and No16 begin to fight while Anemone and No4 do the same. Rose then steps in the way and tells Dahlia and Anemone to stand down. She says that she does not yet believe the YoRHa units, but they must think and figure out the truth of the matter. When Dahlia and No16 seem to be unstoppable, No2 steps up to stop them.

[OST] DOD3: The Descent of God / Descendeus (神降)

No2 goes on to explain that their mission began with 16 units, but since their Canceller turned out to be ineffective, the majority of them did not survive. She says that the Commander will not send a rescue team or anyone to replenish those they’ve lost…and must continue on with only 4 units. That’s why the most important thing they need are friends. Sonia points out the similarities between the Resistance and the remaining YoRHa units—they were all abandoned by the Moon. Rose also understands the situation and commands everyone to lower their weapons. Rose explains that they are the last survivors of the 8th Descent Mission—and compared to the new model YoRHa units, rather old and outdated androids. The 8th Descent Mission took place 200 years previous, sometime around 11,741. Sonia and Dahlia comment that they have been fighting long before the YoRHa units were even made. Rose says that since they lost contact with the Moon, no one even knew they existed.

The stage goes dark with the appearance of two little girls dressed in red. They seem to be disappointed that the two android types didn’t kill each other. They also appear to be fascinated nonetheless. “If only they had fought and killed each other. If only they had set off their bombs. If only they had shattered their lives. If only they could have ended their lives.”

[OST] NieR: Snow in Summer

The scene ends with them eerily singing the song “My Grandfather’s Clock” as the track from NieR still plays.

Other info on the song:
“My Grandfather’s Clock” by Yazu
Japanese & English Lyrics

Scene 6

Mission Control: Commander, Futaba, Yotsuba

The two assistant androids Futaba and Yotsuba report that the remaining YoRHa units have met up with the Resistance. Their position is currently 10km from Mt. Kaʻala, their goal. Everything seems like it’s going as planned. All they must do is wait. When Yotsuba goes to leave, she notices that Futaba seems uneasy about something. Gaining her composure, Futaba asks the Commander exactly what the Resistance is. The Commander replies that she doesn’t know who started calling them that, but that was the name the Moon-side gave them. She goes on to say that in the 8th Descent Mission, there were 160 android units deployed to the surface of the planet. Futaba says that the entire 8th Descent Mission was supposed to have been wiped out completely. The Commander says that the mission ended in failure but there were still some survivors who continued to fight alone on the surface. They are the Resistance. Since this seemed to be the only question Futaba had, the Commander suggests for her to get a Screening Check since a prolonged overload of stress is not good on their systems. Futaba thanks the Commander and leaves.

The scene ends with a short aside by the Commander, wondering if it is really SHE who needs to undergo a Check.

Scene 7

Mt. Ka’ala Camp: 4 YoRHa units and the Resistance

The YoRHa units explain their mission to the Resistance. The have to travel to the top of Mt. Ka’ala from which point there is an elevator hall. Luckily, there is a hidden door somewhere on the beach that will lead to the same elevator hall. An infrared scan of the area from the Moon revealed its location. Unfortunately, the technology in the hall is so old, they don’t know how to use it exactly… so they have to research the technology as they go. Once they get to the bottom, they’ll find the main server which controls *all* of the machines and allows them to function. If they can destroy the server, they will likewise stop the machines. But any further information—like how to destroy the server—was classified as top secret. Even if this may be the most important part of the mission, the Commander has not relayed this information to the YoRHa units.

While Erica and Anemone try to point out these weak parts in the plan, No16 gets pissed and runs off, saying that they can finish the mission with just the four of them. No2 quickly runs after her, followed by No4 and No21. Erica then turns to Rose and asks if it’s really okay that they follow the four YoRHa units on this mission. Rose says that this way…they’ve finally found their purpose. After years of fighting and seeing their comrades fall in battle… All they were doing was living from day to day and not ever making any progress in the overall battle. This way they might finally be able to go on the offensive. Dahlia, Marguerite, Erica, and Shion all agree.

As the Resistance leaves the stage, the YoRHa units walk on. No2 tries to tell No16 that if they talk and explain more to the Resistance, they will surely understand the situation. No4 says that No16 is just being short-tempered as usual, by which No16 gets angry and wants to know what she means by that. No4 just tells her to “think about it”. As they argue, No21 calmly says that they are unable to complete their mission without their help. In any case, there is no hope for success, that is why she hoped the Commander would abort the mission. No2 refuses to believe that their fate has already been sealed—if they work together with the Resistance, there could still be a chance—! The four YoRHa units are severely divided. No2 thinks there’s hope, No21 believes there is none, No16 just wants to fight, No4…? She just wants to look pretty (lol this is my thought—she doesn’t speak up during this little squabble).

Just at this moment, the Resistance comes back on stage. Dahlia is quick to further provoke No16. But to ease the tension, Rose agrees to help the YoRHa units on their mission. Gerbera says that they’ll probably need some new weapons, so she’ll go talk with Kalmia.

Lily still seems very frightened and calls out to Rose for reassurance, calling her “Onee-chan”. Rose suggests that they make a toast with water. Apparently, the older model androids needed some sort of liquid to keep their bodies functioning, but the newer YoRHa units are fully automatous and need no such liquid… even still, consuming water will not impede their function. No21 says that there is a fresh water spring nearby and relays the data to No16. She receives the information and states that she can run there in under 5 minutes. Dahlia speaks up and suggests that they have a race. As No16 and Dahlia run off stage, Shion and Marguerite quickly follow after them; Marguerite commenting that she needs to bring a tank to carry the water back to the group.

Rose asks for No2, No4, and Sonia to follow her so they can exchange more information about their situation.

No21 remains on stage. Looking rather distraught, she removes her eye mask for the first time. Lily and Erica gaze at her in wonder and fear. Lily asks why she removes it, thinking that it’s some sort of rule that they must wear it. No21 says that in non-combat moments it’s illogical to wear it. No21 attempts to approach Lily, but she runs behind Erica. When asked why she runs away, Lily says it’s because she thinks the YoRHa androids are scary. She goes on to explain that the Resistance had lived together for such a long time, they were like family. But then when the YoRHa androids suddenly appeared… No21 cooly reminds her that they are friends now. Erica explains that Lily is a scaredy-cat. She even has a hard time sleeping because she always has nightmares and feels like something wants to kill her. No21 says that she’s being illogical and that you cannot die in a dream. “How do you know that? Maybe a monster or something will jump out.” No21 says there are no such things as monsters and that she’s merely running from her own fear, the terror of the machines.

Lily keeps saying how both are so scary that… and sometimes she even wonders if she might actually be human because the fear is so intense and real. “I dream, feel emotion… how come I’m not human?” “Because you’re not alive,” No21 answers. “Our bodies are made out of mechanical parts.” “But, if we break, we will die. I’m so afraid of dying!” Lily says. No21 says that even androids have the fear of being destroyed, but Lily’s feelings are far too extreme. Erica suggests that the fear the Resistance share might be stronger than the younger YoRHa units… because they’ve lived and experienced so much more than they have. No21 goes to leave when Lily asks where she’s going. She says that scouting the area with her own eyes as opposed to mere scans is far more accurate. “Can I come with you?” Lily asks. “I don’t mind, as long as you’re not afraid of me,” No21 says. “Okay. I guess…I don’t feel as afraid any more!” With that, No21, Lily, and Erica exit.

Again enter No2, No4, Rose, and Sonia. No2 asks if the Resistance has been fighting all this time, to which Rose replies that they have, without any help from Mission Control. The only people they can rely on are each other. They first started out with 160 android units, but only a very small number of them remain. Even if they had been abandoned by the Moon, still they continue to fight because it’s their duty. They will save the planet for none other than themselves. The Resistance members have become something like a family. “We fight to protect our family,” Rose says. “Isn’t that a given?” No2 seems conflicted. “So, a real leader has to be prepared for that. But I… to fight only for my friends…?” “You can do it,” Rose says. “You just showed me your courage before—that’s why I chose to help you.” “It wasn’t me. Someone taught me that if we combine our strength together, we can do anything. That person’s words rattle around in my head and won’t disappear.” Rose then says, “You’re so much like a human. I suppose you seem that way because I’m always searching for people like them.” Rose goes on to say that she has given each of the other androids human names and suggests that she give the new YoRHa units names of their own. No2 seems shocked and refuses for the time being. “Perhaps when our mission is complete.”

Then Gerbera enters with Kalmia and Clematis in tow. Kalmia is the arms dealer of the group, while Clematis is the secretary. Using spare parts from dismantled machines and fallen android units, Kalmia creates new weapons for the group. But since she cannot create weapons out of nothing, she needs scouts to go out and find materials. Kalmia also has a huge fascination for the new YoRHa androids but when they or the other Resistance members come close enough to touch her, Clematis speaks up and tells them not to touch her with their dirty hands. She’s very protective of her.

[OST] DOD3: Out Come the Crawlers / Exvulsion – Phanuel (出蠢/ファヌエル)

Suddenly, Lily starts acting strange and Rose screams out that she’s been infected. Everyone draws their weapons and points them at Lily.

No2: What are you doing?!
Rose: Get out of the way, No2.

Lily grabs No2 by the shoulders and flings her aside.

Rose: Don’t get near her. She must have been infected with a virus from that last battle. Her data is being rewritten.
No16: Don’t you have a shield to protect against things like that?
Dahlia: Nope, that’s why this happens.
Anemone: If we don’t do anything, she’ll become our enemy.
Gerbera: Are you seriously going to shoot her?
Erica: We have no choice!
Shion: I hate to admit it, but there’s nothing we can do!
Rose: We have to kill Lily before the virus can progress. It’s just our way.
No2: You can’t be serious!
No21: Wait! Are you going to murder your own family?
No2: No21?
No21: You’re all family, aren’t you? That’s what Lily said.
Rose: What about it?
No21: I can’t believe you’d throw away your family so easy before you’ve even looked at all the possibilities.
Rose: And what do you think you can do?!
No21: I’ll use my power to eliminate the virus.
Rose: That’s impossible!

Dahlia points her gun at No21, and likewise No16 points her own at Dahlia.

No16: Put your gun down!
Dahlia: No one who’s been infected ever comes back! If we don’t hurry, she’s gonna go berserk!
No16: Shut up! If No21 says she can do it, she will!
No21: Reprogram: Start!

While No21 works to eliminate the virus, Lily’s movement becomes erratic. No2, No4, and Anemone try to hold her back. Eventually, Lily breaks from their grasp.

Lily: A monster’s coming… Noo!
No21: There are no monsters. I will cure your disease.

No16 and Dahlia, Marguerite and Gerbera all try to hold Lily at bay.

Dahlia: Captain! I don’t want to lose any more friends!
Rose: You guys…
No2: Rose, please believe in your friends. It’s the job of the leader to trust in your friends, isn’t that right?

At that moment, Lily screams loudly while tossing everyone back.

Kalmia: Is this a… gravity attack!?
No4: This is bad! She’s taken their power!
No16: No21, have you got it yet?
No21: Almost! I’ve almost got the antidote……

No21 holds something like a USB stick or some sort of card, but then Lily attacks again and sends everyone flying.

No2: Lily, stop!!

Under the heavy pressure of the gravity wave, No21 tries her best to reach Lily.

No21: Lily, come back to us.

No21 presses the USB into Lily’s back and Lily screams. No21 begins installing new data to override the corrupted data in Lily’s system. Both of them collapse. Rose runs to Lily and holds her tight. It appears that Lily’s system has been cleansed of the virus and is in the process of being restarted.

Lily: Captain Rose… What happened to me…?
Rose: You were infected, but No21 brought you back to us.
No21: I said I’d cure you.
Shion: Is she really cured?
No4: If we can trust the scan, then I think we can say we’ve got an awesome member on our team.
Kalmia: You’ve really shown us your power, new models. Here’s to our success!
Rose: Let’s pick the noses of those humans up on the Moon with our own power! Let’s go, everybody!
ALL: Yeah!

[OST] YoRHa – Guadalcanal

Scene 8
The Red Girls
[OST] NieR: Snow in Summer (Intro)

Red Girl A: Hey hey, the androids are laughing!
Red Girl B: Yeah, they’re laughing, huh?
Red Girl A: It’s interesting that even in these difficult circumstances, they still laugh.
Red Girl B: Yeah, it’s interesting that they can still laugh.
Red Girl A: They say humans laugh even when they’re frightened.
Red Girl B: They say humans laugh when they’re at a loss for what to do.
Red Girl A: Even though they’re just androids.
Red Girl B: Even though they’re just androids, they still laugh.
Red Girl A: I wonder if it’s fun to laugh?
Red Girl B: I wonder if it’s fun to laugh?
Red Girl A: ha haha hahahaha haha
Red Girl B: ha haha hahahaha haha

Scene 9

Halfway Up Mt. Ka’ala – Night
No21, No4, Anemone

The girls first start talking about how there’s nothing around the area, and Anemone comments that it’s always been like that, for a long, long time. No4 asks if SHES been like that for a long time, too. Anemode doesn’t understand what she means, so she elaborates, saying that it’s almost as though Anemone is completely empty inside. Anemone says that she doesn’t remember what she was like back then, but then No21 says that, as an android, she should remember. But Anemone is adamant and says that she forgot. The person she is now doesn’t need to remember who she used to be. Erica and Gerbera come back from scouting for the enemy. Anemone says that many of her friends have died. Gerbera says that she worries too much, and Anemode says that she doesn’t worry enough.

No21: Are you afraid of dying?
Anemone: Aren’t you?
No21: Of course, I am. Everything fades away when you die, and you’re just gone from this world. That’s very scary.

YoRHa Play - Scene 9 - 4127-jpgAnemone: Even I’m afraid.
No4: Like, if you lose your memory and become a different person than who you used to be, that’s a way to continue on living, right?

YoRHa Play - Scene 9 - 4129-jpgAnemone: I haven’t lost my memory.
No4: Then you remember the past?
Anemone: ……It’s stupid. It’s all just fake memories.
Erica: There’s also memories I don’t want to remember.
Anemone: Who cares, everyone dies sooner or later.
No4: I wonder. I think it’s also important to have hope.
Gerbera: What were we talking about again?
No21: That our past memories have a way of giving us hope for the future.
Anemone: That’s not what we were talking about!
Erica: What did we come here for again?
Gerbera: Oh, yeah! Rose was calling an operation meeting.
No4: Can we come, too?
Gerbera: She said to come a little later.
Anemone: She’s just going to talk about how important your battle powers are, that much is clear.
Erica: C’mon, hurry up!

Gerbera, Erica, and No4 exit.

No21 ponders the thought that her job as scanner is pretty much over. She is of little use to anyone in close-range combat. Anemone cannot feel sorry for No21’s uneasy feelings since she’s lived for over 200 years, watching as her friends died around her. She couldn’t die and merely kept living… and hoping to live.

[OST] YoRHa – Guadalcanal (eerie vocal only)

No21 wonders what it really means to “live”. She tells about how she, too, lost many friends and yet she’s still alive. Anemone says that if she thinks its a sin to be alive, then she will help for her to atone for that sin right now, by dying. No21 says that she cannot die yet, if only for her fallen comrades, not until the mission is a success.

Anemone: Then don’t ask about the meaning of life. In time, you will understand.

Scene 10

Weapon Storage: Kalmia and Clematis

Kalmia and Clematis talk about the inventory of weapons and how they’re running a bit low on land mines. No matter how many weapons they may have, it never seems to be enough. The number of machines keeps increasing. Clematis then says that Rose’s behavior is a little strange. Looking at the order of weapons she sent to them, it’s almost as though Rose expects this mission to be the last. Kalmia realizes that Rose must be planning an all-out assault on the machines. She comments on how much like humans they’ve become, separating out everyone’s individual roles and jobs, even setting up a trading business. It’s almost like they’re like a cursed doll stuck in the mud. How much longer can this go on? Clematis thinks they can continue until they’re destroyed by the machines, but Kalmia disagrees.

Kalmia: We won’t all be destroyed. Even if Rose and the others fail, we can live on. We won’t need to do anything, as long as we have water, we can hide out underground and simply run from death. But, can you even call such a life “living?”
Clematis: Kalmia-sama, you cannot possibly be thinking about ending your life by your own hand, are you?
Kalmia: I’m only exaggerating. It’s just a thought. If we win, we can continue to live.
Clematis: What should I do?
Kalmia: I don’t think we can just sit back and watch any more…… Can you use your Syncro Scan?
Clematis: I’ve made the necessary preparations. You mustn’t be planning on going to the battlefield…?
Kalmia: I need to return Rose’s readiness. What will you do?
Clematis: If that is your decision, I will go wherever you are……


Scene 11
Halfway Up Mt. Ka’ala – Night

This scene opens up with Lily by herself in center stage, attempting to use whatever power she obtained from the virus infection. Suddenly, No21 walks on and spots her. She asks what Lily is doing up, alone, while all the others are asleep. She somewhat reluctantly tells No21 that she was testing out her new power. No21 is shocked but isn’t entirely surprised either. She tells Lily to use her new powers on her. Lily agrees and activates her new power which causes No21 to collapse on the ground.

[OST] DOD3: Merciless / Antipurity – Battleground (不情/戦場)

No21: I… can’t move. This is a Gravity Wave! Lily, you’ve really obtained a great power! This is the power they use with their Anti-gravity manoeuvres… the power to control gravity!

No21 suggest that they tell No2 about this news right away, but Lily is hesitant to trust her. No21 reassures her by telling her that without No2’s leadership, No21 probably could not have saved Lily. She seems to understand but is understandably slow to trust others.

Right then, No2 walks on stage. Lily yells, “You may be No21’s captain, but my captain is still Rose!” and then runs off stage. No21 says that she’ll explain everything later, and follows Lily off stage.

No2: Huh? Wait! …they left. Haaa… Why’s everything seem so hard…as a captain.

A vision of the previous experimental unit “Seed” appears.

Seed: You’re sounding weak again, No2.
No2: I can’t do it…… Seed, I can’t do this.

YoRHa Play - Scene 9 - 4926-jpg

Scene 12

No2: Ahh, I can’t do this any more!
Seed: Stop crying all of a sudden in the middle of the road!
No2: I’m sorry, I got lost! Um, where is this?
Seed: This is the experimental area, you’re gonna get hit by stray bullets if you don’t pay attention.
No2: Stray bullets!?
Seed: No2, you really are a lot like a human.
No2: You know about me?
Seed: Of course, I know all about you guys. I’m Seed, an old-gen experimental unit.
No2: Experimental unit?
Seed: I was in charge of testing out the weapons and equipment you use.
No2: Really! Thank you!
Seed: So, you’re the new YoRHa units… Taking a closer look at you, you completely look human.
No2: Have you seen humans before?
Seed: Yes, I have. I was born, raised, and went out onto the battlefield for experiments along with humans.
No2: Then, you have battle experience?
Seed: I’ve gone down to the planet three times.
No2: Wow, I’ll be going down with the others on the next mission.
Seed: It’s top secret, isn’t it?
No2: Oh, right, but… I can’t stop worrying and worrying about it……
Seed: I wonder… if I can help out at all on this mission…

[OST] DOD3: The Last Song (Opening, Kuroi Hana)

YoRHa Play - Scene 9 - 5044-jpgNo2: Why do you fight?
Seed: Do you know why I’ve continued to work as an experimental unit on this project even though I should have been retired? No, of course, you don’t know…… I left everything on the battlefield. Fear, sadness, anger, joy… If I run from the battlefield, I have nothing… Nothing remains in this empty head of mine…… That’s why, I can forget about it as long as I hold a weapon.
No2: Everything……
Commander: What are you doing?
No2: Ah! I’m sorry! I was just, um, talking with Seed.
Commander: Seed, that’s not like you, talking with a new model.
Seed: ……I don’t know why. I feel like I can tell her everything…

YoRHa Play - Scene 9 - 5141-jpgCommander: No2, you can learn nothing by observing an ordinary unit.
No2: I’m sorry!
Seed: heh, an ordinary unit? I guess that’s fine, too.
No2: Huh?
Seed: All abilities stem from the ordinary. Such endless possibilities are spread out before you.
No2: Possibilities…
Seed: No2, come find me again when you have time… I’ve been wanting someone to talk with.

Seed exits.

No2: O-okay! *heehee*
Commander: What are you laughing about?
No2: Uhh, n-nothing! I’m sorry!

Commander exits. The scene reverts back to the night scenery of the present.

No2: Seed…


Scene 13
Mission Control: Commander, Futaba, Yotsuba

Futaba and Yotsuba monitor the YoRHa/Resistance teams reach the top of the mountain. The Commander says that the server located deep beneath the mountain controls enemy machines for the entire Pacific. If they’re able to take out the server, it would greatly shift the balance of the war. But she says that the mission will probably fail. When Futaba asks why, the Commander says because that was the scenario from the beginning. Futaba continues to ask what the Commander means by “scenario” while Yotsuba tries to calm her down. Futaba tells Yotsuba that she wants to know the reason, too; but if the secret must remain a secret, then she’s fine with that. She just wants to be told straight. All the Commander offers, though, is that she, too, hopes that the YoRHa mission is a success.

Suddenly alarms go off. Futaba and Yotsuba check their control panels and see that 20… 30,000 enemy units have been picked up on long-range scans, all heading to the top of the mountain. It’s a stealth ambush. Futaba says that the YoRHa team has already engaged the enemy.

[OST] The Anthem of Camaraderie / Companthem – Abdiel (友歌/アブディエル)

Scene 14
Mt. Ka’ala – Morning

[SE: Violent gunfire & bombs]
The YoRHa and Resistance teams fire at the enemy a long way off.

Rose tells everyone to turn on their thermo scans to pick up the cooling systems of the machines, but nothing shows up like it used to before. They think that the machines have removed the heat insulator around their brain units so that they won’t be spotted on thermo scans. It will not be impossible to lock on to specific parts of the machines. This shows the great adapting power of the machines. No21 suggests No2 ask Mission Control for assistance. When No2 contacts Mission Control, she does not speak directly to the Commander, but Futaba answers the com instead. Futaba says that the enemy is honing in on the mountain; they will need to hurry to the elevator. No2 says that due to the oncoming attacks, they’re unable to progress any further. They’re stuck where they are. No2 pleads with Mission Control to send help, to which Futaba refuses and says that this is an order by the Commander. No16 gets pissed off when she hears the news and yells at Mission Control for being safe and sound in their little command center while everyone else is fighting for their lives. She demands Mission Control send help. But Futaba refuses again, saying the Resistance should stay behind and cover for them while they head to the elevator hall. No2 asks if she can speak with the Commander to be sure of her orders, and Futaba says that these ARE her orders from the Commander. Dahlia shouts, saying that they only see the Resistance as a mere pawn that can be sacrificed.

That’s when Lily steps up.

[OST] DOD3: Merciless / Antipurity – Battleground (不情/戦場)

No21: Lily!
Lily: I’ll take care of them here. Everyone, hurry on ahead!

Lily activates her unique gravity power which also affects everyone around her, sending them hard to the ground.

Shion: Uh, it’s so heavy! What is this?
Lily: Sorry! I can’t control it well.
Sonia (to Erica): Onee-chan!
Erica: It can’t be. This is…
No2: A Gravity Wave! She can use the power of the enemy now!
No4: Wow! Looks like they can’t move!
Lily: I’ve… always been a weakling. A weakling who couldn’t do anything. But you saved me! If there’s anything I can do, I want to do it!
Dahlia: Oh, for crap’s sake, I’ll back you up or whatever you need!
Marguerite: I’ll help, too!
No16: Then I’ll stay behind, too. A Gunner’s meant for long-range battle, besides I’m not comfortable leaving everything to a noob like Dahlia.
Dahlia: Who are you callin’ a noob?
No16: Unit YoRHa Gunner No16. From now I declare my new designation to defend Mt. Ka’ala with the Resistance.
No2: But, No16, you…
No16: No2… er, Captain. If we make it back, let’s kick the Commander’s ass, okay?
Rose: I can’t agree with this! It’s too dangerous to split up!
Dahlia: But if we’re all stuck here, the mission will fail! Captain Rose, please let us do this!
Lily: Please!
Rose: ……Then we divide into two teams, okay, No2?
No2: Yes!


Scene 15
Mission Control

Futaba states that there is a K2 unit from Oahu that could be scrambled in time to help support the YoRHa team, but again the Commander refuses, saying that it would be meaningless. When Futaba asks for clarification, the Commander says that everything the YoRHa units have gone through up until now would be all for nothing. Lastly, Yotsuba states that the YoRHa/Resistance teams have made it to the elevator hall.


Scene 16
Elevator Hall
Rose, No2, No4, No21, Shion, Sonia, Erica, Gerbera

[OST] DOD3: Celebratory Dance / Blissade – Battleground (踊祝/戦場)

No2: This is the elevator hall.
Gerbera: It’s so cold.
Sonia: Rose, what’s the matter?
Rose: Dahlia, Lily… I can’t leave them behind!
No2: Please wait! Lily said that she wanted to be useful! She isn’t just a pawn to be sacrificed, they will fight! They promised…… Please understand.

No21, holding a tablet, stops in place.

Sonia: What’s wrong, No21?
No21: All that’s left is to head down to the server room, but the elevator won’t activate.
No2: Why?
No21: The machines have protected it. We can’t get to the server room without removing it. But it’s not a problem, I’ll just hack it. It’s quite simple.

The elevator doors open.

No21: ……See? Easy.

Rose and everyone get into the elevator, but No21 doesn’t move.

No2: No21, what is it?
No21: Please go on ahead. (continues to enter code into the terminal)
No2: Why?! You have to come with us……
No21: I want to, but… If I don’t keep working on this, the elevator will stop before it’s reached the server room. That’s why I must stay here and continue hacking it.
No2: No… I can’t leave you…

The elevator doors begin to close.

No21: The enemy is coming. Please, just hurry!

Anemone quickly jumps out and stands in front of No21.

Anemone: I’ll stay behind and support No21. Everyone, go down to the server room!!
No2: No21……
Rose: ……Let’s go! We can’t let their decision be in vain!

The doors close and Anemone slowly walks closer to No21.

Anemone: ……how long has it been?
No21: So you know? Having a sense like that is all that bad.

No21 flinches in pain.

Anemone: You’re infected, aren’t you? Can’t you cure yourself?
No21: I’d like to, but it seems like the machines have learned my pattern and adapted.
Anemone: If it’s not cured, then you’ll…
No21: I’m glad you stayed behind. When the elevator has made it safely to the server……
Anemone: ……Yeah, I’ll kill you.


Scene 17
The Red Girls

[OST] NieR: Snow in Summer (Intro)

Red Girl A: Why must you stay behind?
Red Girl B: Why must you be killed?
Red Girl A: Why?
Red Girl B: Why?
Red Girl A: Why?
Red Girl B: Why?
Together: Why?


Scene 18

Before the YoRHa units went off on their mission, the Commander approached No2 and said that Seed left a message for her. As No2 played the message, a holographic image of Seed appeared.

[OST] DOD3: The Last Song (Opening, Kuroi Hana)

Seed: Hey, No2. Are you still alive? I’m….. If you’re watching this message, then it must mean that I am no longer here in this world. They say that androids, unlike humans, have no soul, so perhaps I can create my own soul in the form of this message.

No2: It can’t be…

Seed: As a result of fleeing the onslaught of the machines to the moon, the humans were able to naturally revert back to their previous forms. As they gazed upon the Earth below, they began to wonder if their own existence was in fact an error. ……but even if that’s the case, we still have no choice but to fight for the humans. It is the purpose of our existence…… No2, I don’t want you to become like me. Please…… I want you to find a reason to live. Thanks for talking with me. Good-bye.

When No2 asks what happened, the Commander says that it was an accident with an experiment. When Seed was testing some new equipment meant for the new model YoRHa units, something went wrong and exploded. The message was recorded before the accident, in the event should something happen.

No2: I cannot believe that she would just die in an experiment gone wrong!
Commander: This has already been decided, it cannot be overturned.
No2: But!
Commander: That is all.
No2: Commander!

The Commander exits.

No2: It can’t be… It can’t……!!


Scene 19
Mt. Ka’ala

[OST] DOD3: Merciless / Antipurity – Battleground (不情/戦場)

Dahlia: Lily, now!
Lily: Okay! Gravity Wave! I’ve stopped them!
No16: Let’s do this, Dahlia!
Dahlia: Alright!

Dahlia, No16, and Marguerite fire their weapons and the area roars with the sound of gunfire.

Dahlia: Yes!

An image of multiple robots appears on the backdrop of the stage.

Dahlia: A new type!?
No16: Shit! Our weapons don’t seem to affect it!

Dahlia and No16 draw their weapons.

Dahlia: Let’s go, No16! We will stop them!
No16: I got it!
Dahlia: Ahh!

The two engage in battle and the advancement of the machines stops.

Dahlia: Now! Marguerite, fire!!
Marguerite: Alright! Goddammit!!

A huge explosion erupts.

Marguerite: …I did it! I got ‘em!
Dahlia: Marguerite, it’s a little quick to let your guard down!
Lily: Huh? What is that?
No16: The machines are merging…

A single, gigantic robot appears on the backdrop.

[OST] NieR: 15 Nightmares – Shadowlord’s Castle / Iron Fist

Dahlia: This thing is huge…
Marguerite: Nooo!!
No16: Don’t lose it now!
Lily: Gravity Wave!

The machine seems unaffected.

Lily: It didn’t work!
Dahlia: Hey, they’re headed toward the elevator…… Can’t we stop them?
No16: There’s nothing else we can do. We’ll have to cause an overload in our core reactors. If we do it together, it should be enough to blow them the hell away from this place!
Marguerite: But if we do that…
No16: What else do you suggest we do then?
Dahlia: There’s no way a childish plan like that will ever work!
No16: There’s nothing else we can do! As long as No2 can make it to the server, then it’s okay if I die here.
Dahlia: Heh…… And you want me to follow a stupid noob like you! Marguerite! Lily! Let’s do it!
Lily: One person becomes two!
Marguerite: And two becomes three!
No16: ……you guys will die!!
Marguerite: It sure beats standing by and watching!
No16: All of our core reactors will be utterly destroyed!!
Lily: If you’re going to do it, then let’s do it together!
Marguerite: Hey, Dahlia!
Dahlia: Marguerite?

Marguerite and Dahlia hug.

No16: You guys…… Well, I guess there’s no avoiding it. Release the limiter on your core reactors!

[OST] DOD3: Arrival of the Guards / Prevolt / Armaros (防来/アルマロス)

Lily: Operation rate has increased to 96%!
Dahlia: Hoo, boy! Am I on fire!
Marguerite: Operation rate 135%!
Lily: I’m not afraid any more!
Dahlia: Operation rate 234%!
No16: Here we goooooo!!!

No16 gathers everyone’s energy into her gun and fires at the machine. On the backdrop it says “100,000 enemy units are destroyed”.


Scene 20

Gerbera: I wonder if……Anemone’s still okay.
No2: The elevator’s still moving, so that must mean No21’s still okay.
Sonia: But… No21’s infected……
No4: Huh?
Sonia: I know. I’ve seen it happen enough times. When the virus infects an android, it always affects their motor center……like that.
No2: Then, No21!?

Suddenly a loud bang shakes the elevator.

Erica: What was that?
Rose: Lily and the others have stopped the enemy.
No2: But that sound…… There’s no way they could have survived. Lily……No16!!

No2 runs to the elevator console.

No2: I have to go back! At this rate, No16 and No21…!!

Rose quickly grabs ahold of No2 around the collar.

Rose: You were the one who decided to leave them behind. Whatever becomes of them is the Captain’s responsibility.
No2: But……but!!

Rose lets No2 go.

Rose: You must have realized it. We were created to die…… That’s why we cannot let No21, No16……Lily’s fight be for nothing!!
No2: But…… It’s so sad, for everything to just turn out like this.
No4: No2, do you no longer want to fight? As an android, don’t you think that’s strange?
No2: Aren’t you sad?
No4: Of course, I am! But this and that are two separate things. We have to fight because that is the purpose of our existence.
No2: I’m not afraid of fighting, but to lose our friends in the battle, it’s so sad. Why……why must we feel such emotions? We’re just androids……but we are so human.
Gerbera: They say it’s to instil a since of rivalry through various experiences and a wide range of diversity……just like humans.
No4: So, in order for us to do things humans cannot, they in turn make us more like them… isn’t that a contradiction?
Sonia: A contradiction?
Shion: Maybe you’re right. If it’s best to be human, then why don’t they do it themselves? But then, there are things that they cannot do, so……
Sonia: It’s a contradiction!
Gerbera: That’s right. The humans thought of it as a way to break through the logic of this contradiction. For example, it’s the same with our memories. We were all given fake memories…
Rose: I have the memory of a boy who’s father was in the army…… I still have the memory of doing the best I could just to get his praise. Even after hundreds of years, this memory is still clear as day in my mind…clearer than any real memory.
No4: For example…?
Rose: Even now, I feel like I can see it right before my eyes……the memory of my father gently stroking my head in his big hands.
No4: That must be nice. I’m jealous! I just have the memory of an ordinary schoolgirl, dressed in a sailor school uniform. I remember spending every day goofing around with my friends.
Gerbera: You’ve got such great memories. I just remember being bullied all the time.
No2: I…… lived out in the middle of nowhere countryside with my grandmother. We’d tend to the field together…it was so peaceful……
Erica: Fake memories are simply that: fake memories. They aren’t real.
No4: But, I couldn’t possibly separate the two. Your face that I saw yesterday and your face that I merely imagine in my head are exactly the same. There is no telling between the two.

[OST] DOD3: The Descent of God / Descendeus (神降)

Erica: The only memory I have was of being raised on the battlefield…… my parents were killed in an explosion, I was given a gun to carry when I was just a child…… that’s why I don’t need these memories. For me, the time that I spend with each of you is what’s real.
Shion: That’s what I think, too…… Although my real memory may not be as gorgeous as my fake memory, but… there are places where my memory stops and starts again and I tend to remember things wrong, but those memories and experiences are mine.
Gerbera: Lily was always troubled by her sad memories, that’s why she had so many nightmares.
Sonia: You know, me? I was always off by myself. But now Rose is my big sister, and that’s my real memory.
Rose: That’s right. No matter what may be in our memory, we can always rewrite it with new experiences of the time we spend together.
No2: The time we spend together……is our real memory.
Erica: The machines have no emotions, that’s why they have no fear.
No4: But if the enemy would be as varied as us and could learn, perhaps we might face an enemy with emotions of their own one day.
No2: That’s for sure…… An enemy like that would be far more dangerous and frightening than what we’re up against now.


Scene 20b (New Scene)
[SE: Sound of an explosion.]

Clematis: The enemy unit has set off the land mines.
Kalmia: Awesome! Way to go!

Kalmia grabs a gun and shoots it off in celebration.

Clematis: Kalmia-sama, we should not let our guard down. Other factions of the enemy still gather around Mt. Ka’ala. We ought to leave this place as soon as possible.

Kalmia grins while shouting.

Kalmia: I have no intention of running while Rose and everyone else is fighting! If we seal off this place, we can slow the machines down. But……Clematis. You should escape. There is no reason why you should have to die here!

Clematis shouts.

Clematis: How could I possibly do such a thing!? Leave you behind!?

Suddenly, the enemy attacks and tosses them both aside. Receiving much damage, to two stand, but Kalmia’s condition seems odd.

Kalmia: My eyes…… my eyes…… I can’t see!

Clematis goes and embraces Kalmia, who appears to be in great pain.

Clematis: Kalmia-sama!!
Kalmia: haha It seems like they got my visual sensors.
Clematis: Didn’t I tell you!? We must return and make repairs right away!!
Kalmia: Clematis…… It doesn’t matter any more……
Clematis: !?
Kalmia: I’ll take care of the rest of machines here, you……
Clematis: ……Stop screwing around!! You never change! You always act like a hotshot while taking every difficult thing on yourself……
Kalmia: Clematis……

Clematis embraces Kalmia tightly.

Clematis: You haven’t got a clue!!! I’ve already made up my mind!! The whole purpose to my being is to be with you, go wherever you go! That is my only reason to live!! That’s why… That’s why…!!
Kalmia: You really aren’t a subordinate who takes orders well……

Kalmia removes a switch from a pocket and holds it up. Clematis looks upon it with dread.

Clematis: Syncro……scan……
Kalmia: That’s right.
Clematis: That one device will activate all 2,800 land mines on this mountain.
Kalmia: I’m sorry to involve you in this…… unpleasant outcome.

Clematis smiles and embraces Kalmia again.

Clematis: ……no……no……we will be together, forever……!!

Clematis and Kalmia press the switch together. The area is engulfed in explosions and the stage goes dark.


Scene 21

No21 begins to show signs of pain.

Anemone: No21, haven’t we reached the Elevator Hall yet!?
No21: Almost. Please wait…… There, we’ve arrived.

No21 removes her eye mask.

No21: While I am still myself… Please.
Anemone: No final words?
No21: Whom might I tell them to?
Anemone: Me. I’ll listen. Even if I’m just going to die soon anyway.
No21: My last words…… I’m glad I met you. At least I know that memory is real…… Thank you. ……Hurry, do it!

Anemone aims her gun at No21’s head.

Anemone: I’ll follow soon after you……


Scene 21b (New Scene)

No2 and No4 appear on an empty, black stage.
No2 is dressed in farmer’s clothing from the country side while No4 is dressed in a high school girl’s uniform.

No2: Our memories are…… false memories.
No4: We were given these false memories for the sole purpose of triggering evolution with our diverse experiences on the battlefield.
No2: I remember living with my grandmother on a farm in the country.
No4: I remember hanging out with my friends at school.
No2: I remember tending the fields with her and knitting things…… The cold of the rain. The fierceness of a storm. The silence of the snow. The gentle warmth of spring……
No4: I remember going out with my friends to eat the most delicious things after school, having fun dressing up, playing games……
No2: Since we lived with nature against us, things didn’t always go as we planned. But with help from my grandmother and people from the neighboring village, it strangely wasn’t that difficult.
No4: Because of my friends, I could handle studying for a difficult test. We laughed everyday. No matter what troubles came our way, we always laughed.
No2: ……My grandmother taught me to be “kind”—A gentle soul—to be kind to anyone.
No4: My friends taught me to have “hope”—A strong spirit—No matter what may happen, there’s always hope to overcome any obstacle.

The sound of an old clock begins to tick.

No4: I hold on tightly to these false memories as I fight.
No2: Even if they aren’t real, they are our precious memories.

The loud ringing of a gong sounds in the distance several times.

No2 & No4: The end…… draws near……
No2 & No4: Our final moments…… are about to begin.


Scene 21c (New Scene)

A chaotic headquarters.

Futaba: We’ve registered a large explosion to the southwest of Mount Kaʻala! It appears to be a massive string of land mines near the location of the Resistance.
Yotsuba: There’s another to the North west of the mountain, but…… this explosion is…… It’s No16……

Yotsuba is obviously shaken but continues to speak.

Yotsuba: The signal from No16’s blackbox has stopped……It appears she caused her fusion reactor to overload.

Futaba gasps.

Futaba: Beside the Elevator Hall…… We can confirm the death of No21……
Yotsuba: Only No2 and No4 are the only survivors of the YoRHa squadron……

The Commander closes her eyes.

Commander: ……Is this the extent of the sacrifice required for this mission you mentioned…… Seed……

Seed is being used in an experiment.
Seed is standing in a fighting stance.
The electric beeping sound of a heartbeat can be heard.

Yotsuba: Beginning equipment endurance test. All sensors for the new YoRHa models are nominal.
Futaba: Experimental Unit: Seed. Vital signs nominal. Increasing the electromagnetic load.

The electromagnetic levels increase.

Futaba: No change to vital signs. Increasing electromagnetic load.

Seed flinches slightly.

Yotsuba: Tolerance levels have exceeded the limit for standard YoRHa units.
Futaba: Increasing burden levels to 120%. Vital signs rising.

Seed begins to strain under the stress.
The electric monitors begin to beep loudly.

Futaba: Continuing to increase load to 120%.

Seed quickly begins writhe painfully under the stress.

Yotsuba: New model YoRHa equipment. Up to 25% of the sensors have stopped.
Futaba: Electromagnetic/Weight load have both reached 120%. Seeds vitals are now going critical…… Commander?
Commander: Continue.

Futaba reluctantly continues on.

Futaba: Electromagnetic/Weight load at 150%.
Yotsuba: All sensors have now stopped responding!! If this continues any longer…!!
Futaba: Electromagnetic/Weight load 180%…… Commander!!

Seed manages to speak all the while convulsing in extreme pain.

Seed: ……It’s fine…… Futaba…… The purpose of these tests…… is to determine the limits…… of the new equipment. If we don’t continue…… until the breaking point, it’s meaningless…… It’s all for them…… isn’t that right…… Commander?
Commander: ……
Seed: Futaba, DO IT!!!
Futaba: Electromagnetic/Weight load 200%…… 210% ……220%……

The load steadily rises.

Seed: ……No2……goodbye……

At last Seed can no longer withstand the weight and collapses.
The beeping sensors and heart monitor ceases.

Yotsuba: Equipment endurance test: Result record…… Maximum limit was reached at 228%.
Futaba: Experimental Unit: Seed…… All functions have ceased……
Commander: Seed……

Fade to black.


Scene 22
Server Room

Screen Text: Underground Server Room

[OST] DOD3: Celebratory Dance / Blissade – Battleground (踊祝/戦場)

Rose, No2, No4, Daisy, Aster, Sonia, and Erica arrive at the Server Room. As they cautiously move forward, the two red girls appear, moving oddly like dolls.

Rose: What……are they?
No4: They don’t seem like……mere girls, do they?
Red Girl A: We are the terminal of the Bio-machines.
Red Girl B: We were made in your image.
No2: Headquarters, do you copy? ……Headquarters!?
Red Girl A: You’ll get no answer…… We’ve jammed the signal.
Red Girl B: Because we want to have a nice, long chat.
Red Girl A: We’ve been waiting for you for a long time.
Red Girl B: We’ve been watching over you.
Red Girl A: Why do you try so hard?
Red Girl B: Why do you chose death so much?
Rose: What are you saying…… You Living Machine bastards took this planet from humanity!
Red Girl A: Humanity abandoned you.
Red Girl B: You live only to die.
No2: No, we came to fight. Our lives aren’t simply to die!
Red Girl A: Hmmm.
Red Girl B: Hmmm.
No4: Shut up!

No4 draws her sword and swings at the two girls but they nimbly dodge out of the way.

Red Girl A: By hacking into your server, there is something interesting we’ve discovered.
Red Girl B: This is incredibly important, so be sure to listen well.
Red Girl A: The YoRHa squadron were created as experimental weapons.
Red Girl B: Everything was pre-planned by your headquarters, even your unplanned battles and dire circumstances.
Red Girl A: Even if you take this server, the Bio-machines won’t feel a thing.
Red Girl B: Humanity will use your experimental data to create more perfect androids in the future.
Red Girl A: Fighting along with the Resistance has botched that up, though.
Red Girl B: According to your headquarter’s plan, the Resistance has been wiped out, and you’ve made your way here.
No2: That would mean, they meant for this to happen from the very beginning……
Red Girl A: Even so, will you fight?
Red Girl B: Even so, will you resist?
No4: Don’t let them confuse you, No2! We can’t know whether they’re telling the truth!
Rose: Don’t make everything we’ve gone through be for nothing! All we can do now is fight!
Red Girl A: Then, see how you like fighting these.
Red Girl B: Come on out!

Several Bio-machines controlled by the Red Girls appear.

Daisy: Wha-what are those…
Rose: Let’s get ‘em!
Aster: Right!!

The girls enter into battle with the machine battalion.

Erica: They’re really strong!
Daisy: Can we make it out of this?
Aster: You shouldn’t think like that! Because when it’s your time to die, you’ll die!
Daisy: I guess you’re right!
Erica: There’s nothing more we can do!
Daisy: Let’s go, Erica! Aster!

Daisy, Erica, and Aster are quickly slaughtered.

No2: Noo!!!
Rose: It can’t be…

As the Bio-machines fall upon the three androids they are brought back to life.

Rose: Erica, Daisy, Aster!
No4: Wait! They’re acting strange!

Suddenly, they begin to attack Rose and the others.

Rose: They’re infected!
Sonia: Please, stop!!

The Bio-machines plus three infected androids bear down upon them.
Rose protects Sonia from the attack and is fatally injured.

Red Girl A: That’s a pretty deep gash. There’s no hope for you now.
Rose: Kiss my ass!

Rose tries to reach Sonia but the Bio-machines stab her straight through.

Rose: Sonia!

[OST] DOD3: The Last Song (Opening, Kuroi Hana)

Red Girl B: And now your sacrifice is for nothing.
Sonia: Onee-chan…… I’m sorry……
Rose: It’s all right, Sonia. At least I…… had a reason for living. (Looking at the two Red Girls) Do you?

Rose begins fighting back again but is soon dealt her final blow.

No4: Rose!

Rose collapses.

Red Girl A: Why do you fight??
Red Girl B: Why do you want to die?
No4: Oh, for God’s sake, shut up! You’re a freaking terminal, don’t ask questions!

No4 attacks the two girls but they easily evade her.

Red Girl A: Is there hope?
Red Girl B: Can you defeat us?
No4: I don’t know if I can defeat you or not, but I have to fight!
Red Girl A: Why do you try to achieve the impossible?
Red Girl B: Do you have hope?
No4: (screams wildly as she defeats the Bio-machines)

The controlled Aster, Erica, and Daisy overcome No4.
No2 clutches the dying No4, facing the Red Girls.

No2: No4!
No4: I’m sorry…… I didn’t do a very good job, did I?
No2: Of course, you did! It’s all my fault…… getting all of you caught up in this…
No4: You’re wrong, No2. We all made our own decision to come here…… Thank you, for giving us a reason to live…
Red Girl A: Is this the spirit of a beautiful self-sacrifice?
Red Girl B: Is this the story of a sad self-sacrifice?
Red Girl A: How amusing, huh? hahahaha heehee hahaha
Red Girl B: How interesting, huh? hahahaha heehee hahaha

No4 pushes No2 out of the way and attacks the two girls. Countering her attack, they strike No4 down, who then dies.

No2: I’ll never forgive you…… I’ll NEVER forgive you!

With a sudden rush of power, No2 defeats Erica, Daisy, and Aster.

No2: Everyone, I’m so sorry.
Red Girl A: How horrible it must be, so sad.
Red Girl B: What a wicked girl she is, so frightening.
No2: Shut up!

[OST] NieR: Snow in Summer

No2 manages to defeat the Bio-machines, but her attacks seem to have no effect on the Red Girls.

Red Girl A: You cannot kill us.
Red Girl B: You cannot destroy us.
No2: ……how?
Red Girl A: My name is Term Alpha.
Red Girl B: My name is Term Beta.
Red Girl A: We are the terminal; nothing more, nothing less.
Red Girl B: We are the code that separates events.
No2: Well then, I’ll destroy this whole Server Room.
Red Girl A: All by yourself? With your bare hands?
Red Girl B: Who knows how many years that will take?
Red Girl A: In order to destroy this Server Room, you’d need the sort of energy that’s released in a nuclear bomb.
Red Girl B: That’s right. Haven’t you realized there’s something attached to your core fusion reactor?
No2: (places a hand over her heart) It can’t be.
Red Girl A: You should know if you simply do a scan. You all have a bomb hidden inside.
Red Girl B: When your life has come to an end, that triggers the bomb to explode.
Red Girl A: Within all of the YoRHa lies a bomb in your core reactors.
Red Girl B: Once this Server Room is destroyed, the functionality of the Bio-machines will be stopped.
No2: No, headquarters wouldn’t……
Red Girl A: All of you will be destroyed, but…
Red Girl B: But you shall not be victorious.
Red Girl A: That was the setup of this battle from the very beginning.
Red Girl B: But, in such a situation, androids would laugh, right?
Red Girl A: It’s so emotional, you’d laugh, right?
Red Girls: Ha ha ha!

No4 suddenly stands.

No2: No4?
No4: Bye.

No4 rushes the two Red Girls.
No2 screams just as a huge explosion sounds.
The stage goes black.


Scene 23

Futaba: We have confirmation that a bomb has been detonated.
Yotsuba: The signal from the underground server on Mount Kaʻala has been severed.
Futaba: Enemy units 250km from the epicenter have ceased functioning.
Commander: I see……
Yotsuba: We’re transferring the battle data from the YoRHa squadron to the current squadron in development.
Futaba: Subsequent handling of this mission has been successfully transferred to the Commander affairs department. This mission has successfully come to its scheduled conclusion.
Yotsuba: Commander, shall we close this mission?
Commander: …Yes. ……Futaba, you don’t have any questions?
Futaba: Questions? About what?
Commander: ……You have a straight-forward personality……an exemplary……innocent, and precise character.
Futaba: I am very much obliged.
Yotsuba: Commander……
Commander: Yotsuba, you as well?
Yotsuba: Congratulations with the successful mission.
Futaba: Combat data has been gathered for the production of the next androids.
Yotsuba: Their deaths will not be for nothing.
Commander: Yes. That’s right.
Futaba: This is an unconfirmed report, but it seems as though the Humans on the Moon have decided to increase production of the YoRHa units.
Yotsuba: If we send a large battalion next time, surely we will expel the Bio-machines from the planet.
Commander: Yes. You’re right.
Futaba: Glory to Mankind.
Yotsuba: Glory to Mankind.

The operators Futaba and Yotsuba solute the Commander. The Commander returns the solute.
Futaba and Yotsuba exit.
The Commander is sitting in the empty command center.
Quietly she stands and speaks angrily.

Commander: Is this the inevitable goal of humanity…… To manipulate selection pressure to promote evolution…… Is this the only way?

The Commander exits.
The control room is empty.
Then the two Red Girls unexpectedly appear.

Red Girl A: Androids are so mysterious, huh?
Red Girl B: Androids are so mysterious, huh?
Red Girl A: They do such a great job fighting us from a place like this, huh?
Red Girl B: Even though we Bio-machines are invincible, huh?

Suddenly, many alarms beep and lights flash on the screen.

Robotic Voice: Black box signal detected. YoRHa squadron unit: Current squadron leader No2’s survival confirmed. Please decide how to handle No2. Repeat. Please decide how……

The girls touch the screen and the robotic voice stops.

[OST] DOD3: Arrival of the Guards / Prevolt / Armaros (防来/アルマロス)

Red Girl A: Androids are so interesting, huh?
Red Girl B: Androids are so interesting, huh?
Red Girl A: I wonder, could we play in this world a little longer?
Red Girl B: Yes. This world is so interesting, huh?

The girls begin laughing.
Their laughing voices are no different from any other human. (They’ve acquired emotion.)
The girls laugh as they exit.
No2’s silhouette appears.
Many Bio-machines bear down upon her.
She cuts them all down and stands center stage…and removes her eye mask.

Robotic Voice: Repeat. Black box signal detected. Current YoRHa squadron leader, No2: Survival confirmed……

No2 holds her sword up high in defiance as the stage goes black.





Story and Plot: Yoko Taro
Script: Asakusa Kaoru
Director: Matsuda Ichidai
Dramatization: Yoko Taro & Matsuda Ichidai
Music: Okabe Keiichi (MONACA)
Stage Manager: Sumitomo Saburo
Stage Hand: Suzuki Peco
Fighting Coach: Ukai Mondo (ASSH)
Dance Choreography: Nagaishi Takumi
Stage Design: Monma Yutaro
Lighting: Moriyama Hirokazu (Mercury)
Sound Design: Nonaka Kazuhito (WAVE)
Video: Sone Hisamitsu (co:jin projects) / Yoshikawa Mach Special
Sound Effects: Yamamoto Michiko
Costumes: Nishida Sayuri
Hair Styling: Aoyama Aya
Steel Design: MONSTERS, Inc.
Website: Owada Akira
Ticketing: Shimasaki Tsubasa
Collaboration Assistance: Square Enix / MONACA / ILCA
Production Assistance: Andem / Fujioka Mayumi / Yamada Anzu / MAGMA
Planning: Suzuki Masahiro
Producer: Kubota Takahisa (ILCA) / Minobe Kei (Alicein Project)
Supervisor: Iwasaki Takuya (ILCA)
Production: ASSH / ILCA / Alicein Project
Fabrication: “YoRHa Ver.1.1” Executive Committee

Other Contributors:
ASSH, Aries, Avex Vanguard, Ace Crew Entertainment, A-PLUS, EnterMax, Oscar Promotion, Office SAKAI, KEI, Xidea, Sun Music Brain, Job Net, Starray Production, Cel World Entertainment, Zero Station, Sony Music Artists, Dearstage, Toki Entertainment, Neo Agency, Pearl Dash, Power Land, Piala, Pixiv, Blue Rose, FLAVE ENTERTAINMENT, BOX CORPORATION, minacle company, Mousa, LesPros entertainment, Watanabe Entertainment

Source: Please understand that the information on this page has been translated and compiled by me from various sources such as the YoRHa Ver.1.1 pamphlet that was sold at the live performance of the stage play, the YoRHa CD and companion booklet, among others. The images of the dual cast members were scanned from the official play flyer and edited for display exclusively on this site.