Thou Shalt Not Die / Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare Chapter 23

Mangaka Moriyama Daisuke just tweeted out a preliminary sketch from the up-coming chapter 23 of Thou Shalt Not Die / Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare and states that we’ll finally get an idea WHY young kids with special abilities were created in the first place. I suggested… THE LEGION!! lol I suppose we shall see!!

Regarding my fan English translation work on this series:

I have been extremely busy since the end of the year last December and things have not changed in the new year. I hope to work on Chapter 21 soon but cannot give a definite date when I can get that chapter out. I have it all ready for translation, though, so it should be a little faster than starting from scratch. 😛

Official Live Broadcast #3

Although the next official live broadcast has not yet been announced, according to Yosuke Saito, it seems like there will be another broadcast coming soon!

But as it turns out, all the main dudes including Saito Yosuke, Yoko Taro, and Taura Takahisa will be busy at other events and won’t be able to join the next broadcast. Saito-san is busy with the Dragon Quest X TV event on NicoNico Video.

Yoko & Taura are currently in Pairs for a separate interview.

  • The 3rd live broadcast will be 1 hour long with appearances by Negishi Isao from Platinum Games.

This post will be updated as more information becomes known.

Interview from Taipei Game Show 2017!

According to an interview by A9VG, we’ve learned a couple new things regarding the game and what’s in store for us…

Please note that I’m going from a very round-about way to translate this. I know *nothing* of Chinese but I do understand Japanese. I used an online translation site to first translate this into Japanese and then I attempted to translate that into English. ^^;

First of all, the Chinese version of the game has been confirmed for this spring.

—Will there be any changes from the demo leading into the actual release of the game?
Saito: We released the demo version with the intention of gaining some important feedback from players. The main purpose was to allow players to experience the action part of the game and let them tell us what they thought.

—In the Hard and Very Hard modes, the player is not able to use the lock-on function. Will this still be true for the official release of the game?
Saito: Yes, the lock-on function is not accessible in the harder difficulty levels, but in Normal and Easy modes, the player can select whether or not they want to use this function.

—In the demo, we’re only able to explore the area on foot. Will there be other modes of transportation in the official release?
Saito: In the official version there will be aerial vehicles and also animals that you can ride on.

—In the demo, we could see that weapons have their own stories with illustrations. Will the official release have more of this, additional illustrations, for example?
Saito: As you level up your weapons, you can gradually unlock additional portions of the Weapon Stories. The background image that’s used for the Weapon Stories won’t change, but the actual appearance of the weapons will.

—Ishikawa-san, do you have any interesting stories for us?
Ishikawa: Perhaps when I started working on this game. At the time, even the character designs were not yet complete. Since the dubbing was done along with the development of the game, I could really get an inside look on its production.

—What significance does the content in the demo have to do with the official release?
Saito: In Japan, it was discussed whether or not the demo depicted the ending of the game. We can reveal here that what you see in the demo occurs roughly at the half-way point of the game. We selected that part so you can get a nice chunk of the game to experience. The story in the demo is not an independent story from the rest of the game.

—Ishikawa-san, how do you feel about your role as 2B?
Ishikawa: There are so many emotional moments in the story. As for 2B, she isn’t allowed to express her own feelings. Although she doesn’t sound like it, I think she’s a really gentle person. She’s also very concerned about 9S.

—What can we expect from the PRO?
Saito: We initially discussed using 4K with the PRO, but as an action game, we needed to be sure we had at least 1080p/60fps. So, the movement in the PRO version should feel more fluid with better lighting and shadows.

—How many different characters can we expect to play?
Saito: Right now we can confirm that 2B and 9S will be playable.

—We know there’s a connection between and the series. Should people play the previous games to prepare for this one?
Saito: There is a connection between them all, but there’s absolutely no problem if you haven’t played them. Simply, if you are familiar with the other titles, you may notice some interesting things. For example, the voice actor for 9S, Hanae-san, has played all of the previous games.

Source: A9VG

* * * * * * * * * *

According to other Japanese-Chinese translations, not just mine, it appears as though the events that we see in the demo may not actually take place at the *beginning* of the game, but rather a bit further in. It’s described as the “mid-way” point or half-way through the game, but the DOD/NieR series always use multiple playthroughs… so perhaps this could be towards the end of the first run through, “Branch A”.

There are several points that create confusion with this statement, one is my own translation of some of the storyboards and scripts from the Character Introduction video that was originally shown at the Music Concert & Talk Live. Plus, it appears as though 2B and 9S had never met–so would that mean that 2B is alone for the whole first playthrough? Or perhaps there’s an entirely different story gimmick in play that we have no clue about yet?

We don’t have much to go on here, so it may be better to give our brains a rest and just wait until the game is finally released. We’ve only got a month left to go here in Japan… <3

NieR:Automata Presentation in Taipei

Producer Saito Yosuke and 2B voice actress Ishikawa Yui attended the live presentation at Taipei Game Show 2017. The presentation only lasted for 30 minutes, but we were able to see a couple new things of interest. If you missed the broadcast, you can view it below:

And here are a couple of my notes that I took during the presentation:

  • Presents would be given to those who managed to clear the Very Hard mode of the demo at the game show.
  • Ishikawa Yui plays the demo on Easy mode to demonstrate that even those who are not very good at action games can pick this up without any problem.
  • You are able to further customize various aspects of the Auto mode with L2.
  • There aren’t may RPG aspects in the demo because they want you to experience that in the actual game.
  • Events will happen seamlessly throughout the game.
  • There will also be a traditional Chinese version of the game (繁体字版)
  • Yui says that during recording, she was asked to deliver lines more emotionlessly since the YoRHa androids are not allowed to express emotion.
  • Saito was both very shocked yet extremely pleased to see so much fanart.
  • The presentation on stage was only 30 minutes, so the time went by very quickly. He mentioned that the planned to show off more of these new areas at the booth.



The Amusement Park:

  • Fireworks shoot into the sky almost constantly.
  • Once you enter through the gate, you will be in the “amusement park” stage.

  • This area will have different types of enemies, but since this area is related to the story, not much could be discussed.

Department Ruins:

  • This area had been shown in previous concept art.

Land of Forests (森の国)

  • Within the Department Ruins is a shutter that is closed. At some point in the game, however, you will gain access to something that will open this path, allowing you into the Land of Forests.

  • The image of the Land of Forests appears to be yet another abandoned city with two large skyscrapers in the center.

Additional images from this presentation can be found here.

Taipei Game Show 2017, NieR:Automata Presentation at 2:00pm

The Taipei Game Show 2017 will be broadcast live on YouTube. The presentation will start today, January 22, at 2:00pm Taiwan time, so be sure to do the necessary calculations for your own timezone. According to Yosuke Saito, they plan to show a little bit of the Amusement Park and Submerged City areas.

Famitsu Issue No.1468

Yesterday in the new issue of Famitsu magazine, we were treated to 6 new pages of goodness introducing the Amusement Park area with their clownish Bio-machines and the Submerged City.

Below are my own [bad] scans of the pages. I also included some other images that I got from the Famitsu App. I edited and cleaned them up more, so those few images ought to look the nicest.


Could the ruins of a dreamland be but a nightmare awaiting 2B!?

We’re down to about a month left before the release of . This time, we take a closer look at two locations that have not yet been announced: the Amusement Park Ruins and the Submerged City. We’ll also take another look at the mounts in the field and areas near water where you can fish!

meets amazarashi Collaboration Project

The joint collaboration between and the rock band amazarashi was just announced during the 2nd Live Broadcast. The first edition release of their new single “Inch ni Fusawashii” comes with an original picture book directed by Yoko Taro. There will also be a cool music video to show off more of’s world view.



A dreamland that people once enjoyed. There is a special community of Bio-machines in this area, many of which are dressed in flamboyant costumes.

Amusement Park Ruins

Clown-type Bio-machines appear. Perhaps they’ll give 2B a warm welcome?

Production Notes:
I’m the sound designer, Shindo. I work on the sound effects and everything besides the BGM, stuff like “pew-pew” and “booom” and “uh-huh”. I’m from Kansai, so I always explain stuff with sounds.

The sound effects are subtle and don’t stand out all that much, but I made a ton of them! Even after a deadline had passed, I kept getting requests for more SFX from the game designer: this happened at least 30 times! They’d always come with a note that said, “By Order of Yoko, the Director~~” But I’m losing so much sleep, my skin’s going to be a mess…… That’s about when Yoko brought in his favorite donuts. They taste way better than eating them at the normal time. He, on the other hand, had seconds… Yoko, you’re so unfair…… —Platinum Games Lead Sound Designer, Shindo Masato

The Submerged City

This is a large city devastated by an all-out war that left it submerged by rising sea level. All that’s left are skyscrapers peeking out of the water, a remainder of the world’s past splendor.

2B attacks a Bio-machine in the Submerged City with her bare hands. This type of attack has its own visual effects. Although this attack is rather fast since no weapon is necessary, it hardly packs any significant punch.



Wild Animals

You can ride on a large moose! You can’t drift, but they have an amazing ability to jump!

You can bash into enemies while on the boar or even fire simultaneously with Pod.

Just like in the previous game, you can drift on the boar, an irreplaceable aspect of “NieR”.

Production Notes:
I’m in charge of the BGM and the implementation of environment sounds. The BGM seamlessly switches as you progress through the game, but “how long should it continue” or “what about in this situation?” I have to be sure of all of this. Then based on the instructions from Mr. Director Yoko, I can keep working, filling in the gaps in the crossroads. This is often the most difficult thing to work out, but it can also be fun. In the end I feel like “Man, this ain’t gonna work (seriously)” and then the desperation hits, but I suppose everything worked out well anyway! I just hope he isn’t hiding any additional areas from me… Well, maybe it’ll be alright! —Platinum Games Implementation, Ueda Masami

  • This issue of Famitsu also corrected a mistake printed in an earlier issue stating the voice actress for Anemone. It was originally printed as Kanou Chiaki, however this is incorrect. The same actress who plays Operator 21O, Hatsumi Meari, will voice Anemone.


Anywhere there’s water, you can toss Pod in to have fun fishing. You can catch fish, Bio-machine type of fish, and a bunch of other interesting things. Just what exactly can the the stuff you catch be used for……!?

Create your own musical arrangements at the jukebox!

There is a handy little jukebox within the Resistance Camp where you can play some tunes from the soundtrack. You can even change the lyrics, turn on or off the vocals and chorus among other things to make your own arrangements. Look forward to creating your own soundtrack just the way you like it for a little change in atmosphere.

Just like any other program, you mix around the rhythm and vocal tracks in the game to create your own musical settings here at the funky jukebox!


Regarding the Submerged or Sunken City, we first got a glimpse of this area at the NieR Music Concert & Talk Live back in April of last year. They had a really nice display of design images, concept art, and more at the show, including these shots of the Submerged City:



Lastly, I wanted to mention something about that red-headed character that seems to be hanging around the jukebox.

Is it just me, or does she appear to be a YoRHa android with a typical visor obscuring her eyes? I couldn’t help be feel excited to see this because…

This was my YoRHa cosplay from Halloween 2014 as the Destroyer Type “YoRHa No34”. I doubt this character in is anyone important, but… now I feel like I should make a new cosplay for her, too. xD

Edit: According to the new updates by Famitsu, this particular NPC does in fact appear to be a YoRHa Android like I had suspected.

NieR:Automata meets amazarashi

Famitsu has just release some more information regarding the collaboration between and the rock band amazarashi with their upcoming single and music video entitled “Inochi ni Fusawashii” (Right to Life).

NieR Pod Skin: amazarashi head product code!

Just in time for Square Unix’s release of the Action RPG “” on February 23, the rock band amazarashi, helmed by Akita Hiromu, will be entering into a collaboration entitled “ meets amazarashi”. The brand new, CD jacket illustration for amazarashi’s new “Inochi ni Fusawashii” single has just been released!

“Inochi ni Fusawashii” First Edition Release (NieR themed)

  • 1,800 plus tax (CD + DVD)
  • Original picture book “Inochi ni Fusawashii” (Author: Yoko Taro / Illustration: Koda Kazuma (PG concept artist)
  • Product Code “Pod Skin: amazarashi head”

Track 1: Inochi ni Fusawashii (Right for Life)
Track 2: Yuurei (Ghost)
Track 3: Kazoe Ka (Counting Song)
Track 4: Inochi ni Fusawashii (Right for Life) acoustic version

Inochi ni Fusawashii (Right for Life) Music Video
” Movie 119450310

* The cover art is designed by the same illustrator, Platinum Games’ Koda Kazuma
* Further details on the amazarashi head Pod Skin will be released at a later date.
* Reservations are now open.

“Inochi ni Fusawashii” Standard Release (First edition, third party case)

  • 1,200 plus tax

Track 1: Inochi ni Fusawashii (Right for Life)
Track 2: Yuurei (Ghost)
Track 3: Kazoe Ka (Counting Song)
Track 4: Inochi ni Fusawashii (Right for Life) acoustic version

* The “” image on the cover was designed by YKBX.
* Reservations are now open.

 Additional Information Regarding the Picture Book

Yoko Taro had stated during the 2nd Live Broadcast that the picture book is merely a spinoff with no direct link to the story in Automata. He says that the atmosphere between the two is relatively the same, however, so it is perfectly safe for anyone to read the book before or after playing. That being said, he also suggested to read the book after playing the game… you may get a different impression.

So, even though the character shown above resembles 9S, it is not necessarily him at all…

Source: Famitsu | Twitter | Natalie

NieR Display at Tower Records in Shinjuku

Just a couple days ago, the official Twitter account for the Tower Records store in Shinjuku posted a photo of their nice display featuring many of the soundtracks and more to strike up interest in the release of . They even made an awesome Emil cardboard mask for people to take selfies with!

Pretty cool, right? So, of course, I had to go check it out for myself! Here’s what the display looked like:

Here’s a closer look at the items that were featured in this display:

NieR Tribute Album -echo-

Piano Collections – NieR Gestalt & Replicant

NieR Gestalt & Replicant – 15 Nightmare & Arrange Tracks

NieR Music Concert & Talk Live Blu-ray

Drag-on Dragoon 3 Original Soundtrack

new theme song collaboration with the band amazarashi (Akita Hiromu) includes an illustration book specifically designed by Yoko Taro. Reservations for this release scheduled for February 22nd are currently open!

And just like the image that was uploaded to the Tower Records Twitter account, they left a really nice Emil mask next to the display for people to us in their own selfies. xD

Here’s a few pics of insane me using it:

NieR Tribute Album -echo-
Piano Collections – NieR Gestalt & Replicant
NieR Gestalt & Replicant – 15 Nightmare & Arrange Tracks
NieR Music Concert & Talk Live Blu-ray
Drag-on Dragoon 3 Original Soundtrack
Tower Records Shinjuku – Twitter

2nd NieR:Automata Livestream & Chat Session

The next livestream chat session I’m going to host will be on:
Saturday at 1:00pm (Tokyo)!

I will be live on Twitch and also in the NieR Discord Chat. Come join and feel free to ask me whatever you want. xD

Use this page to convert to other timezones!

I may also play the FFXV demo as well just to change stuff up. If you make comments in the Twitch chat and I don’t see it, I’m really sorry! I will try to stop playing here and there to chat with people!

Please note that this is only a fan gathering!

Twitch Live Stream & Discord Chat

I had recently set up a Twitch account to live stream the demo, but unlike many lets players out there, I’m very retro. I don’t have the proper setup nor the necessary knowhow to make high quality vids like them.

But that’s not really my goal, anyway. All I really want to do is have some fun and connect with the fanbase. In this case, advanced video/audio editing is not necessary, right?

Anyway, I just got the idea to schedule an up-coming live broadcast for anyone who’d like to come laugh at my pitiful gameplay skills, interact with other fans live in the Discord chat, and maybe ask me whatever the hell you feel like live.

I’m thinking this coming Friday at 1:00pm Tokyo time would be good for me.

Use this page to convert to other timezones!

By now you’ve probably already played through the demo, or have watched others play through it. The goal with this little event is to connect with fans of the series, get some discussions going, and just have fun with a live stream. For the past couple of live streams I’ve done, it was mostly one-sided, me just talking to myself, basically. This time I want to kind of open up the basket for more discussion.

Just a note for those who are new to my channel, I don’t have the best equipment to do nice, HQ live streams. I don’t have a face cam (like who’d really want to see me anyway!), and I can only upload through the PS4 Share option to directly stream to Twitch. If you’re coming here expecting to see the same standards of your favorite lets player, then… *shakes head* I’m really sorry…

So, if anybody’s interested to watch me suck at a game on Normal mode… or chat with other fans on the Discord channel… or just ask me whatever questions you feel like, I’ll stream for around for about an hour or so.

Also, you can find me on Twitch here.