NieR Replicant / Gestalt / Automata Collaboration with the SQEX Cafe in Tokyo and Osaka!

NieR will be returning for a periodic stint at the Square Enix Cafe in both Akihabara and the newly opened location in Osaka! The period of this collaboration will be from January 27 until March 2. Reservations open at 10am on January 17, so be sure to get your reservations in quickly! [ Click here to make a reservation. ]

The cafe in Akihabara will feature decorations and other goodies from NieR Replicant / Gestalt, whereas the Osaka location will feature NieR:Automata.

A look at the SQEX Cafe in Akihabara.

The SQEX Cafe in Osaka featuring NieR:Automata.

Please note that the above images of the cafe designs featuring NieR and NieR:Automata are mere templates for how the cafes will look. They are not actual photographs of the cafes as they look right now.

This time, there will be trading coasters available exclusively at either the Tokyo or Osaka location.

Random coasters available at the Akihabara cafe in Tokyo.

▲ Random coasters available at the Umeda cafe in Osaka.

▲ Random coasters available at both locations.

There will also be new merchandise:

Source: NieR Official PR Account on Twitter | Saito Yosuke on Twitter

CyberConnect2 Winter Campaign 2018 Merch!

Earlier today, CyberConnect2 released an announcement for the Winter Campaign 2018. There’s all sorts of awesome new and old merch that will be available for a limited time, so be sure to check it all out!!

The campaign will be running through Friday, December 29 until Monday, January 15.

◾️ Reproduction Gengas (2 types)

『.hack』illustration by Hoshi Itsuki
『.hack//G.U. Last Recode』illustration by Hosokawa Seiichiro

  • Details: 553×438mm, serial number plate included.
  • Price: 30,000 yen (roughly $300)


◾️ 『.hack//Fanbook』Vol.4

  • Details: B5 size
  • Price: 2,000 yen (roughly $20)

Store Locations:

▶︎ Bonus Item #1: 『.hack』Canvas Bag
    Purchase all four volumes to receive this bonus.

  • Kotobukiya Version: Haseo & Ovan, Black
  • GAMERS Version: Haseo & Tri-Edge, White

▶︎ Bonus Item #2:『.hack//Fanbook』 Vol.5
Purchase all four volumes to receive this bonus.

Deadline for this bonus: March 31
Tentative shipping date: May, 2018


◾️ 『.hack//Fanbook』Clear File Set of 5

  • Details: A4 size(297×210㎜)
  • Price: 2,000 yen (roughly $20)
  • Pre-order: GAMERS Online Shop


◾️ Chim Chim Plushie 

This particular item was originally released as part of a set of goodies back in 2013. This time, however, the plushie will be sold separately.


◾️ Acrylic Diorama Stand (Hulle Granz Cathedral)

  • Details: Plate size: 150×230mm, Assembled size: 70×100×70mm
  • Price: 3,000 yen (roughly $30)
  • Pre-order: GAMERS Online Shop


◾️ Bonus Item: Pin (3 types)

  • Details: Get 1 random pin per item check-out.


▶︎ Participating Store Locations

New NieR:Automata Merchandise at C92

I went early to the first day of the Summer Comic Market (aka comiket / comike) to pick up the new NieR:Automata merchandise! I was worried that it would all be sold out by the time I got there, but it was okay!! I managed to get one of each without a problem! Here’s a look at what was available (and may later be released on the SQEX e-STORE at a later date):

  • Sensu / Japanese Style Fan – 2,500 yen
  • Emil & Machine Towel – 2,900 yen
  • Emil & Machine Clear Bottle – 1,700 yen

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Lawson and HMV Merchandise Collaboration

During the 2nd Live Broadcast tonight, we were shown some new merch available through Lawson’s online shop:

12 piece Limited Cookie Set, 2,250 yen [Loppi #214267]

Mini Emil Table, 4,320 yen              [Loppi #214266]

Smart Phone Case, 4,536                  [Loppi #214263]

Emil Pillow Cushion, 4,104 yen       [Loppi #214262]                                             Diameter: 300mm, Width: 100mm         Polyester cover with stuffed beads

Yoshida Akihiko Reproduction Genga Illustration, 16,200 yen [Loppi #214258] Acrylic, with unique serial number, Size: 328 x 415 x 22mm

 * I’ve already ordered these items and it looks like they’re planning on shipping things out on May 9th for free! Cool! No shipping fees!! 😀

This is what the display looks like for ordering the cookies on the Loppi system at a Lawson convenience store:

So, it looks like the delivery box that the cookies will be packaged in is the same design as the smartphone case!


In other news, Yoko Taro was asked to make a comment regarding the new Fantasy RPG in development from Atlus*.

* I was a little quick to write about this, so I apologize for getting your hopes up that he would be directly involved. It does not appear that is the case at the moment.

Dengeki PlayStation Live Broadcast 12/15

Dengeki PlayStation will host their first NieR:Automata Live Broadcast this Thursday, December 15 at 8:00PM (Japan Standard Time).

More gameplay footage and new info is scheduled to be released. Ishikawa Yui (2B), Hanae Natsuki (9S), Saito Yosuke (SQEX), Nishimura Eijiro (PG), and Tadatsugu (MC) will be on the show.

Fans have suggested that potential areas of discussion may revolve around the upcoming demo and/or Jump Festa this Saturday, December 17th. Remember, the new NieR YoRHa/2B designed hoodie will be available first at the event before it’s brought over to the SQEX e-STORE.

Also, if you remember way back when Saito Yosuke started a poll on Twitter to ask fans whether they’d be interested in a NieR themed PS4… This would be good timing to let an announcement like drop ahead of the NieR:Automata demo! Perhaps we’ll hear more about this during this live stream…?

Personally… I won’t be able to watch this live as it’s happening since my company scheduled an “enkai” that night. I’m really sorry about that, but I will get home to report the new goodness as soon as I can! Thanks!!

Watch the live broadcast at the following sites:

NieR:Automata at Jump Festa 2017!

Just a couple days ago (maybe yesterday, even? I’ve lost track…), Producer Yosuke Saito posted a couple photos of a sweet hoodie with the YoRHa logo and 2B, but we’ve just learned more about it.

Apparently, NieR:Automata will be featured at the Jump Festa on December 17 and 18! They will be releasing a new trailer as well as offering this cool hoodie for 4,200 yen at the official SQEX Goods Shop! But be prepared… it’s only available in one size: Large! I don’t really know why they couldn’t offer other sizes, but…. 😛 The hoodie will eventually go to the e-STORE after this event.


sweat-design-back sweat-design-front

If you’re curious what other Square Enix goods that will be available at the Jump Festa, you can see the full list of items here.

Tokyo Game Show 2016, Square Enix Presents, and New NieR Merch!

About this time every year, the detailed events schedule at Tokyo Game Show is released, and like any other year, TGS will be spread out among the following four days in September:

September 15-16

September 17-18

Therefore, we now know when to expect the Square Enix Presents event for NieR:Automata!


tgs2016-lineup-automata-2Stage Event:
Saturday, September 17


Special Guests:
Saito Yosuke, Producer
(Square Enix)

Taura Takahisa, Designer
(Platinum Games)

Yoko Taro, Director

Ishikawa Yui, 2B

Hanae Natsuki, 9S

During this presentation, Square Enix will release a new NieR:Automata trailer that details more information regarding the RPG elements in the game.

We can also expect some new NieR merchandise!

  • Emil Mug
  • NieR:Automata T-shirt, 2B (Womens)
  • NieR:Automata T-shirt, Emil (Womens)


goods02             goods03

goods04             goods05

I will also personally be in attendance at this presentation,
so please feel free to stop by and say hello!! <3

Image Source: Saito Yosuke, Twitter

NieR Merchandise Now Available Through the SQEX e-STORE



Items are now available for purchase on the SQEX e-STORE here. Everything seems to still be in stock, but the scripts appear to be on back order.*

*All items besides the Emil pin and sticker set are currently on back order.

Also, please note that these items are only sold within Japan. SQEX is not accepting any international orders at this time.

NieR Merchandise on the e-STORE not available internationally

I sent an inquiry a couple days ago to the SQEX e-STORE regarding international sales of NieR merchandise when it becomes available online, and I just heard back from them. This was their reply:


Essentially, whatever items that become available in the e-STORE (from noon on April 22) are only valid to those within Japan. SQEX will *not* be conducting any international sales nor shipping internationally. T_T

I’m going to continue to cross my fingers for all the international fans that should these initial goods sell extremely well, SQEX will see how many people love this series that eventually anyone outside of Japan will get the chance to own some of these items!!