NieR:Automata Concert, Evening Show May 5th

So, it turns out that the final scene in the final live recitation story played out differently on stage than what’s actually printed in the script. This was potentially done to avoid spoilers for the actual performance. This particular ending wraps up the story in a much more positive manner than how it’s actually written in the script.

Since there is no direct print version of this anywhere, here is a rough translation that I made tonight, but please be aware that there could be some mistakes here. I pick up on page 200 of the script, then after the S.P. mark, it’s all new.

p. 200

2B: His personal data’s… lost…

Pod042: He may have deleted his own personal data, or it might possible for it to have been moved.

Pod042: According to YoRHa A2’s memories, it could also suggest that it escaped on the “Ark”.

Pod042: Report: The restoration of 9S’s personal data is highly unlikely.


<2B begins crying… and never actually stops until the narration lines.>

2B: No, it can’t be… 9S… He can’t… I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye… Why… am I the only one left? Why??

<an alarm sounds several times>

Pod042: I’ve received a change in signal from your Black Box.

2B: I… don’t care… I don’t…!!

Pod042: Warning: The temperature within the Black Box is reaching critical temperatures.

<the alarm continues to sound several more times, but more incessantly>

Pod042: Warning: Bio-machines may become a threat. FFCS has stopped functioning. NFCS has stopped functioning. Beginning to transmit current status. Vitals for YoRHa Unit 2B are very low. Warning: Damage to YoRHa unit’s life energy. Suggestion: Head to a safe location for maintenance.

Pod153: Warning: The temperature within the Black Box is steadily rising.

Pod042: This information has already been relayed.

Pod153: Clarification. This is not coming from 2B’s Black Box but rather from 9S’s.

Pod042: Provision: 9S’s personal data has already been lost. Therefore, it would be impossible for it to restart…

<another alarm starts beeping>

<then it’s replaced by a long tone, followed by several beeps that resemble a heart monitor>

<9S appears out of the darkness on stage>

2B: Nines!

9S: Where am I? What…? 2B? What happened?

2B: I’m so glad… I’m so glad…

Pod153 (Narration): It’s unclear even know exactly what happened at that moment. Perhaps the Black Box absorbed an old copy of his data. Perhaps it had something to do with an influence by the aliens that we know so little about.

Pod042 (Narration): Everything in all existence was made to be destroyed.

Pod153 (Narration): They will always be trapped within the spiral of life and death.

Pod042 (Narration): But we will never give up.

9S (Narration): Even if this world is cursed, even if this world tries to punish us…

2B (Narration): Within that spiral, we will continue to fight…

2B & 9S (Narration): …as we sing the words of prayer.