Official NieR Twitter Asks: What are your plans to purchase NieR:Automata?

Just recently, the official NieR Twitter account asked fans an interesting question regarding the up-coming release of NieR:Automata:

Everybody, please let us ask a quick question: What are your current plans on purchasing the up-coming “NieR:Automata”?

  1. I plan on buying it when it’s first released.
  2. I plan on buying it shortly after it’s released.
  3. I plan on buying it along with a PS4.
  4. I plan on buying more than one copy.

The poll is now closed. Here’s the final results:

I’m pretty sure we’ll see an English version of this tweet in the coming days, but if you’d like to have your voice heard, please feel free to cast your vote and comment! 😀

An Omitted Story From E3

During a little bit of a lull in new information regarding NieR:Automata after the events at E3 and the subsequent magazine articles regarding it, we’re left with just whatever crumbs the development team can feed us through social media. Of course, I am a little getting to this anyway… 😛

Here is just one interesting moment from Yoko Taro’s Twitter on June 22:

Q: What do you usually do to come up with a story?
A: I drink. It’s easier to think when I’m a little tipsy.

Q: What about ideas for the world view?
A: Money. From the budget, we decide how many stages we can make, then we decide the content of the game. Whatever time is left over after that, we’ll think about the story and world view.

Most Popular Character – Twitter Poll

The official NieR:Automata (JPN) Twitter account just sent out a poll asking users which character they like or are intrigued with the most. The post is currently only in Japanese, but we may see the English side of things start a similar poll in the coming days.

Characters included in the poll are:

  • 2B
  • 9S
  • A2
  • Pod

In the meantime, feel free to cast your votes! I personally voted for A2 due to my YoRHa Stage Play speculations…but… Thus far, it looks like 2B is the most popular.

“NieR New Project” Director Yoko Taro Speaks Highly of Platinum Games

If you’re familiar with Yoko Taro‘s presence online, you’ll know that he often has some very interesting things to say about the video game industry. The other day he had some very high praise for the company–Platinum Games–developing his new game, which is currently only going by the name “NieR New Project“.

Here’s a quick glance at what he had to say about Platinum Games:


Yoko: Platinum Games do such quality work that I really don’t feel like I’m needed very much. Kamiya*: We’ll try our best to measure up to your expectations…


Yoko: In this industry, the term “subcontractor” is not frequently used any more, but a practical issue that many companies have is this mindset that “all we have to do is what we’re told.” However, frankly speaking, Platinum Games is a great company. It’s as though I went to Tenkaippin, and although I only ordered a regular-sized meal, they gave me karaage with rice, plus a serving of kotteri ramen free of charge.


Yoko: But since I’m in charge of the story, please, at any rate, at all cost, do not get your hopes up.

Always very humble, he is!! <3

As far as new news goes, we will be hearing more about the game as it’s featured at the Paris Games Week on October 29th. For more information on that, please check this entry that I made a couple days ago.

  • Kamiya Hideki is a member of Platinum Games working on this title. For more information on him, please check out his English Wikipedia page here.
  • As with any Japanese translation found on this site, I do all the translation work myself. If you like to quote anything from here, please credit me: Rekka Alexiel. Thanks!