Fan Questionnaire in Famitsu Magazine

Famitsu recently sent out a questionnaire to international fans of NieR:Automata, and here’s a compilation of the comments that were chosen and printed in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, No.1531

I thought maybe I saw a comment that I made but…alas. lol Maybe they recognized my name and don’t consider me as “international” since I live in Japan. orz I’ll have to complain to Sugihara-san. lol J/K

The best part about NieR:Automata
Total number of unique users: 3856
Multiple answers possible.

  • Gameplay: 3085
  • Story: 3562
  • Art: 3008
  • Music: 3399
  • Other: 397

[Breakdown of Voters]

  • Total participants: 3856
  • Male: 3309
  • Female: 461
  • Other: 63
  • No Answer: 23


  • 10s: 417
  • 20s: 2531
  • 30s: 814
  • 40s: 83


  • North America: 1964
  • Europe: 1290
  • Asia: 227
  • South America: 193
  • Oceania: 154
  • Africa: 16

The twists on the above aspects were so clever and unique. ーJohn M (20 / M / Europe)

PlatinumGames creates very exciting and fun to play combat. Yoko Taro’s stories are always so interesting and compelling. The style of NieR:Automata is so different from American games, and the music of NieR games are on a whole other level above most American games. ーMichael Coleman (30 / M / North America)

Everything is excellent. What I love the most, though, it’s the way in which it usese every single feature of videogames as a mean to enhance the narrative. I’ve particularly enjoyed the moment when you cannot read the options menu because of the missing chip, or at the end, when 2B/A2 are damaged and it reflicts on the screen. ーLontrain (20 / F / Europe)

Everything was so unique and unusual. ーMsg (30 / M / North America)

The only thing missing from mosst of Yoko Taro’s games was polished gameplay, and PlatinumGames delivered wonderfully in that area. I also love the work of Akihiko Yoshida, so getting to see his designs in a Yoko Taro work was a welcome surprise. Keiichi Okabe’s musical work continues to be some of my favorite in the industry, as well as Emi Evans’ vocals. ーMimi (20 / Other / North America)

The weapon stories were an interesting way of providing some information about the world, and it was helpful because I’ve never played the first Nier or Drag-on Dragoon. ーAndrew (30 / M / North America)

Every aspect of this game was thoroughly considered. ーkstor (20 / M / South America)

The gameplay was fun, the music was amazing, I loved the story, 2B is really cool. ーMike Parks (30 / M / North America)

The hacking 8-bits parts were genius too! Especially with those 8-bits musics! ーTin (30 / M / Europe)

Parce que aucun jeu n’est comme lui. Et pour l’émotion qu’il apporte. (There is no other game like it. Especially the emotion it brings) ーCharles (30 / M / Europe)

Everything! Fantastic gameplay. Amazing story. Beautiful music. ーPhreakar (30 / M / America)

What a great example of Japanese gaming culture! Fast paced, energetic, sexy, funny, sad, touching, entertaining as hell. Great game! ーTobi (20 / M / Europe)

Yoko Taro’s “madness” is a very interesting phenomenon of videogame industry. NieR:Automata is no exception. ーDarkV (20 / M / Europe)

This game made me think about my existance in this world. Damn you Yoko Taro. ーShadi (20 / M / North America)

2B’S BIG BUTT ーKale Cahoon (20 / M / North America) *multiple duplecate comments

The story, the music. Most importantly 2B FTW! ーMaherTRY (20 / M / Asia)

Unique gameplay elements that can go from action to 2D shoot ’em up. The story is also interesting where it tried to explore what makes the androids individual beings. ーBuga (30 / M / Asia)

The music in this game is a masterpiece, I never heard any game that have this amazing music before in my life. ーHammerTank (20 / M / Asia)

Yui Ishikawa is fantastic in this game, also the combat is great. ーKi’oon (20 / M / Europe)

The Japanese voice actors’ performances of the script was fantastic. ーgrace (20 / F / Asia)

Interesting side quests. ー4yvak (20 / M / Europe)

Romeos and Juliets. ーNir (10 / M / Asia)

Emil! ーTiffany (20 / F / North America)

Yoko Taro is a mad genius. ーPandorise (20 / F / North America)

The music and story is very powerful and sad. ーBeau (20 / M / Oceania)

The Atmosphere. It’s perfect in this game. ーMakoEyes (30 / M / Europe)

◼︎ Who’s your favorite Main Character?

  • 2B: 2169
  • 9S: 916
  • A2: 770


She is a strong and complex character. ーZMangz (20 / M / North America)

Her development, her personality. I got her tattooed on my leg. haha ーAnonymous (20 / M / Oceania)

2B’s story of opening up and becoming more “human” is very touching. ーTrevor (20 / M / North America)

She’s my waifu. ーNess (20 / Male / North America)


I like his design and character a lot! Hacking was a lot of fun, too. ーRebecca (20 / F / North America)

I love how he degraded from a nice boy into a mad one after losing 2B. ーRebecca (20 / F / North America)


I love A2’s personality. She reminds me of Kaine from Gestalt. ーBianca (20 / F / North America) *multiple duplicate comments

A2 was very cool and mysterious, which made it more enjoyable to find out about her. I also really liked her interactions with Pod042. ーEll (20 / M / Europe)


The really cool character designs! And the soundtrack was super good, too. ーNave (20 / M / North America)

Crazy story from Yoko Taro, amazing music from Okabe, and awesome gameplay from PlatinumGames. ーAnacra (30 / M / Oceania)

The YoRHa androids’ designs are amazingly beautiful, the areas are gorgeous, and the music is so beautiful it brings me to tears. ーVivian (10 / F / Europe)

Yuki Aoi as Pascal. ーPyotr (20 / M / Europe)

As a long time NieR and Drag-on Dragoon fan, it was nice to have some questions from both games answered while expanding the universe I adore. ーPhazonmasher (20 / M / North America)

The ending credits sequence. This was so moving to me, something that could only be done in a video game. How you had to choose to sacrifice everything, but you saw that so many people had sacrificed for you. It was a special moment and speaks to Yoko Taro’s genius. ーChristopher Dodge (30 / M / North America)

Everything. I could write endlessly, but here are the most important parts I loved:

  1. The beautiful UI and its inclusion in the game’s story
  2. The haunting music, especially the song entitled “Tower”
  3. All the continuity and references to the rest of the NieR and Drakengard universe, especially the first NieR’s Popola & Devola, A2’s stage play backstory, and Accord

Overall, the most impressive accomplishment of NieR:Automata is that it’s a story that could only be experienced in the format of a video game.Aside from being incredibly fun and satisfying to play, every element that makes video games unique is used to its fullest potential to create nothing short of a masterpiece. ーshiina (20 / F / North America) *Due to the length of the comment, the Japanese translation was shortened.

2B’s final message to 9S had me in tears. ーJK (20 / M / Europe)

◼︎ What’s your favorite ending?

#1:  the [E]nd of YoRHa ー 1958
#2:  flowers for m[A]chines ー 418
#3:  childhoo[D]’s end ー 247
#4:  meaningless [C]ode ー 231
#5:  aji wo [K]utta ー 106

The choir version of Weight of the World has a strong, emotional impact. ーbradyonetta (20 / M / Oceania)

Having to choose to sacrifice your whole gamesave to help someone you will never meet, such a brilliant decision. Very moving. ーChristopher Dodge (30 / M / North America)

The integration of the credits with the shooter hacking game and the story was unexpected and wonderful! ーKarasu (40 / M / North America)

I unlocked it by accident and after realization of what I have done I laughed so hard… ーILYA (20 / M / Europe)

Took me off guard, did not expect that a fish would be the end of me. ーNehelichus (20 / M / Europe)

I played the first Nier, so what Emil said during the fight was pretty moving. ーNoleen (20 / M / Europe)

14-Page Special in Famitsu This Week!

Famitsu will be running a 14-page story on NieR:Automata this week (release on Thursday).

One of the headlines reads that there is a “secret” that no one has realized about NieR:Automata yet but apparently they don’t go into any great detail about this “secret” in the article…?

The article welcomes 10 members from the development team as they discuss the various points in the game’s production. As you can see in some of the preview pages, there is a timeline that begins in 2014– I assume this is the first run of the YoRHa stage play since that was in October 2014… but YoRHa activities actually began in 2013, so it will be interesting to read if they mention anything about that in the text.

Lastly, some spoilers will be discussed, so it’s recommended to be aware of that.

  • Matsudaira Hito – Character Modeler (Platinum Games)
  • Negishi Isao – Game Designer (Platinum Games)
  • Koda Kazuma – Illustrator (Platinum Games)
  • Taura Takahisa – Game Designer (Platinum Games)
  • Yoko Taro – Director/Creator (Bukkoro)
  • Saito Yosuke – Producer (Square Enix)
  • Yoshida Akihiko – Character Designer (CyDesignation)
  • Nagai Yuya – Character Designer (CyDesignation)
  • Okabe Keiichi – Composer (MONACA)
  • Hoashi Keigo – Composer (MONACA)

The YoRHa Musical and YoRHa Boys Stage Play, Interview by Famitsu

<< This is an early release of the translation. >>
If there are any typos or other mistakes,
these will be corrected in the next day or so.
Thanks for your understanding!

<YoRHa Musical Ver.1.2>

Today (January 4th) is the first meeting for the “YoRHa Musical Ver.1.2”, but as for actual practices…

Matsuda: Practices will start from tomorrow (January 5th). We plan on working on making the play over the course of the next month.

After this meeting once everyone has had their first look at the script, do you ask the cast what they think about it?

Yoko: No… because I didn’t finish it until early this morning!


Matsuda: I got his E-mail around 2:30 this morning and finished reading it around 6am. (haha)

I understand there’s usually not much time to cover the play, but for the playwright to finish the script just before the first meeting…

Matsuda: It’s not all that unusual. Just, the play this time around is on a much larger scale… (voice trails off)

Yoko: SoRRy for making you wait!

So, you’re comment in the end of the year issue of Famitsu, where you said “I haven’t finished writing the script,” you weren’t joking… Since the “YoRHa Musical” is essentially the third run of the stage play, I assume that the fundamental story will remain untouched, but are there any details that have changed?

Yoko: For the previous plays, I wrote the original manuscript but Asakusa Kaoru write the script, but this time I took Asakusa’s script and made some edits to it to make it more my style. I ended up taking out a couple characters and creating a new character that Maria Yuriko will be playing.

A new character!? Judging from her name, it seems like she’s a member of the Resistance.

Matsuda: Definitely watch out for that. As I read the script, by removing some of the characters, I think the relationship between characters is much clearer and more fleshed-out… I think it’s been improved a lot.

Yoko: The previous versions of the play were set up to be “Girls Theater” where a lot of young girls perform, but this time around, that wasn’t necessary any longer, so it wasn’t necessary to actively aim for a large cast. I think the number of cast members is appropriate this time.

Continue reading

CC2’s “Future Vision” Likely to be Announced on February 1st!

During the live broadcast on NicoNico tonight, Matsuyama-san announced that they will be releasing the “future vision” for CC2 in Famitsu magazine on February 1st.

He was very diligently writing something in his sketchbook long after the others finished writing their goal or mission for 2018.

Then finally when he revealed what he was drawing…

…a boob. He drew… a boob.

But that’s not all…!!

He announced that whatever “vision” CC2 has for the future will be announced in the issue of Famitsu magazine on February 1st. I wonder what it could be!!

Here’s the clip:

Famitsu Issue No.1494 – Translations

* This is a work in progress that will be updated periodically. Please check back again to read additional updates.

The Introduction
Pages 126-127

“NieR:Automata” which became a huge topic of discussion in the first half of 2017, the shock of which continues to stick in our minds more than the number of sales. For those of you who are experiencing “NieR Withdrawl”, we hope these pages will help to fill that void in your hearts.

Special Feature Diagest: Beware of Spoilers!

Interviews with the cast and staff,
A look back with comments from fans,
The Memory of “NieR:Automata”

It’s been about five months since the release of “NieR:Automata”. Since then fans have been thoroughly emersed in playing the game, enjoying watching official live broadcasts, listening to the soundtrack, carefully reading through the source materials, going to the collaboration with the Square Enix Cafe, playing through the DLC and customizing the characters with the unique costumes; I think people have been widly grinning with excitement. We’ve also got additional merchandise, the novelization, and the music concerts in Taiwan yet to look forward to, but at the official “Memory of Dolls” concert in May, we were treated to one more stage that lead to the development of the “NieR:Automata” project. Maybe you feel like you’re in that lull after the storm, a sense of calm yet great sadness!? For those suffering from “NieR Withdrawl”, we’ve gathered together a bunch of information in diagest form including several interviews with the cast and staff members, the results of the questionnaire from our readers, and much more. In one of the interviews with the staff, we talked with illustratior Yoshida Akihiko about the key visual that was used for the cover of the game in Japan, and we learned of the goggle-less version among other facinating miracles. A B3-sized poster is included in this issue, so please check it out.

**Spoiler Warning**
There is a ton of spoilers throughout this special feature, so for anyone who has not yet completed the game at this time, it is recommended that you skip over these pages.

Distributed at the 2nd Nier:Automata collaboration with the Square Enix Cafe in April, we’ve included a product code on p.210 to download the “Pod Skin: Retro Gray”! Additionally, you are able to purchase digital copies of past issues of Famitsu magazine that feature NieR:Automata. Not only are introductory articles are included but also past articles, too. Items related to NieR have been compiled into a really nice digest format that would go well with this special feature on NieR:Automata. Check it out!

The “Pod Skin: Retro Gray” product code can be found in the download contents envelope.
Also check out the digital articles about NieR:Automata you can read on your iOS or Android!


  • 2B’s Voice Actor: Interview with Ishikawa Yui (2 pages)
  • 9S’s Voice Actor: Interview with Hanae Natsuke (2 pages)
  • A2’s Voice Actor: Interview with Suwa Ayaka (2 pages)
  • Rabid Dogs of NieR’s World: A Conversation with Yasumoto Hiroki & Yuki Aoi (4 pages)
  • The Inspiration for “NieR:Automata” (2 pages)
  • Report: Questionaire Results (4 pages)
  • Messages from the Fans (2 pages)
  • Message and Cosplay from Yui (2 pages)
  • Taking a Look Back at “NieR:Automata” — Discussion with the Main Staff (3 pages)
  • Present for the Readers

Famitsu Issue No.1494 – Questionnaire

Earlier in June, Famitsu asked its readers to participate in a questionnaire regarding our thoughts and opinions on NieR:Automata. The results were just published in this week’s issue of Famitsu Magazine, Issue No. 1494, as part of their 26-page feature on the game. The Questionnaire portion spans a total of 4 pages.

The magazine also published a short description related to each question as well as consolidating many users’ personal responses, of which I think they edited to save on space and clarity (Comments highlighted below may have been selected and used for this issuel). There’s also a few additional tid-bits of information that was answered in the Q&A segment with Yoko Taro from the official NieR:Automata Strategy Guide.

The following are the results of the 15 questions only. My answers are listed in red (Please note that many questions allowed for up to three answers). I’ll also include my own comments that I had written.


Q1: Who is your favorite character?

  • #1: 2B (2072)
  • #2: 9S (1303)
  • #3: A2 (1126)
  • #4: Emil (584)
  • #5: Pod042 (548)
  • #6: Devola / Popola (368)
  • #7: Pascal (327)
  • #8: Operator 6O (313)
  • #9: Eve (262)
  • #10: Operator 21O (185)
  • —– The Red Girls

Rekka’s Comment:
▶︎ A2: 舞台「ヨルハ」Ver.1.0Ver.1.1を実際観に行ってからずっと2号を気に入ったのです。またいつか出会うかしらと思って、やっとオートマタで再開しました。何より嬉しかったですけど、もうちょっとA2でプレイしたかったです。No2 has been my favorite character ever since I went to see both versions of the “YoRHa” stage play. I always wondered if we might see her again, and then we finally got to see her again in Automata. It was great that she returned, but it would have been nice to play as her longer in the game.
▶︎ Emil: 
今回はエミールがサブキャラクターとなったんですけど、前作の愛情が変わりませんでした。どんだけエミールの存在が悲しく思ってます。Even though Emil only played a minor role as a sub-character in Automata, my fondness for him from the previous game has not changed. Emil’s very existence is so tragic.
▶︎ The Red Girls: この子達も舞台「ヨルハ」以来から嫌いな存在だと思ったけど…最後に「気が変わった」と言う事で、混乱の中で再評価が必要ですね。最後は悪い奴らじゃないかと… ん〜 分からないが、興味深いですね。After seeing the “YoRHa” play, I thoroughly hated these girls, but I was really confused when they seemed to have “changed their minds” at the end of the game. Maybe we needed to reassess their motives…? Hmmm, I really don’t know what to think, but it’s pretty interesting.

Q2: What is your favorite weapon?

  • #1: Virtuous Contract (1311)
  • #2: Emil Heads (591)
  • #3: Iron Pipe (566)
  • #4: Virtuous Treaty (557)
  • #5: Engine Blade (375)
  • #6: Cruel Oath (273)
  • #7: Type-4O Sword (245)
  • #8: Iron Will (188)
  • #9: Virtuous Dignity (187)
  • #10: Cypress Stick (185)

Rekka’s Comment:
▶︎ Iron Pipe: もちろん前作に繋ぐ武器ですので好きです。懐かしく思い出します。I liked this weapon because of its connection to the previous game. It was quite nostalgic.
▶︎ Emil Heads: こちらのウェポンストーリーはかなり興味深いでした。オートマタより未来に起こってるから面白かったです。その時にもエミールが生きてますね。それは呪いか罰か… I thought the weapon story was really interesting, how it supposedly takes place further into the future after Automata. Is this a curse or some sort of punishment…!
▶︎ Virtuous Contract: デザインが凄く綺麗いで本物の模造刀が欲しくなりますね。The design of the sword is really beautiful; I want my own real replica.

Q3: What’s your favorite fish / junk item?

  • #1: Mackerel (1020)
  • #2: Machine Lifeform Head (377)
  • #3: Killfish (329)
  • #4: Oil Sardine (254)
  • #5: Beetle Fish (236)
  • #6: Basking Shark (227)
  • #7: Broken Firearm (226)
  • #8: Tire (220)
  • #9: Water Flea (211)
  • #10: Killfish Machine (184)

Rekka’s Comments:
▶︎ Mackerel: Aji wo [K]utta
スクエニカフェで食べたら本当に死ぬかと思った、骨がいっぱいあったから…ww I tried the mackerel at the Square Enix Cafe and thought I was going to die. There were waaaaaay too many bones… haha
▶︎ Machine Lifeform Head: 初めて出て来た時の驚いた気持ちが今でもよく覚えてます。I can still remember how surprised I was when I first fished that thing. Shocked.
▶︎ Tire: 一番くだらないゴミだから好きかも。よく分かりませんww I thought this was the least interesting of things to fish out of the sewer or wherever, but that’s partially why I liked it. I dunno. haha

Q4: How satisfied were you with the shooting segments?

  • It was very “NieR-like”. (1555)
  • I grew to like shooters. (398)
  • Knock it off with the shooting segments, please. (777)

Rekka’s Comments:
▶︎ シューティングがあまり興味ないですけど、ニーアらしく思ってるからよかったです。I don’t really like shooters very much, but it wouldn’t be NieR without it, so it’s all good.

Q5: Did you enjoy the hacking system?

  • Yes. (2312)
  • No. (449)

Q6: What is your favorite ending?

  • #1: the [E]nd of YoRHa (1847)
  • #2: flowers for m[A]chines (1004)
  • #3: aji wo [K]utta (935)
  • #4: meaningless [C]ode (595)
  • #5: childhoo[D]’s end (582)
  • #6: or not to [B]e (343)
  • #7: [L]one wolf (237)
  • #8: head[Y] battle (195)
  • #9: hun[G]ry for knowledge (101)
  • #10: deb[U]nked (84)

Rekka’s Comments:
▶︎ E: 
発売してから一週間で全部がクリアしたので、どっちのエンディングはどっちかはよく覚えてないので、全部面白かったですけど、特にEエンドは一番よかったと思います。実況プレイして、最後のシューティングでたくさん泣きました。その悲しさや希望の願いを混ざった気持ちがすごかったです。素晴らしいエンドだと思いました。I completed the game within about a week, so trying to remember which ending was which is kinda hard for me, but I liked them all. Most especially E. I was streaming live through the credits portion and you can entirely hear me sobbing. I think it was amazing how my feelings of sadness and despair merged with the feeling of hope and camaraderie. It was truly a perfect ending.
▶︎ C: Cエンドでかなり泣きました、A2の最後のセリフで悲しいエンディングが好きかもしれないヨコオらしいですから。I cried a ton during the C ending, especially with A2’s final line. I tend to like sad endings the most… maybe Yoko does, too.
▶︎ Y: エミールのセリフが凄く悲しかったです。本当は殺して安らかにしてあげたかったです。ニーアやカイネの再開をしてあげたかったです。Emil’s lines were really sad. I wanted to kill him so he could finally be at rest… I wanted him to finally be with Nier and Kaine again…

Q7: What’s your favorite song?

  • #1: Amusement Park (781)
  • #2: Emil’s Shop (741)
  • #3: Weight of the World / the End of YoRHa (701)
  • #4: Weight of the World / 壊レタ世界ノ歌 (486)
  • #5: Song of the Ancients / Atonement (447)
  • #6: Vague Hope / Cold Rain (317)
  • #7: A Beautiful Song (299)
  • #8: Pascal (279)
  • #9: Weight of the World (English Version) (261)
  • #10: City Ruins / Rays of Light (251)
  • —– Memory of Dust

Rekka’s Comments:
▶︎ Weight of the World (English Version): J’Niqueさんの歌声がすごい!J’Nique’s voice is amazing!
▶︎ Memories of Dust: J’Niqueさんの歌声がすごい!生で聞いたら鳥肌になりました!J’Nique’s voice is amazing! Hearing her perform these songs live gave me chills!
▶︎ Weight of the World / the End of YoRHa: この曲も何回聴いても泣きます。This song never fails to make me cry no matter how many times I listen to it (I often have to skip it whenever it starts playing in my play list).

Q8: What aspect of the DLC did you enjoy the most?

  • The costumes. (1080)
  • Being able to play as the machines in battle. (287)
  • The fights with the company bosses. (230)
  • Other. (266)

Rekka’s Comments:
▶︎ Other: 全体的にこのDLCはよかったと思いますが、もっともっと欲しくなりますので… A2のプレイ時間は少ないので、もうちょっとストーリーや何でもやりたかったです。それから、amazarashiのエンドで…どんだけ泣かされて… そのPVで何回観てもどうしようもなく泣きますので… わぁ〜 I think the entirety of the DLC was good but I really hope for more…and MORE! We didn’t get the chance to play as A2 very much of the game, so I’d love for a story DLC or anything, really. And the amazarashi ending… I honestly cannot watch that video without crying. It really gets to me no matter how many times I watch. Ahhh~~!

Q9: Which soundtrack do you like more, the original NieR Replicant/Gestalt soundtrack or the NieR:Automata soundtrack?

  • The NieR:Automata soundtrack. (1789)
  • The NieR Replicant/Gestalt soundtrack. (1148)

Q10: Did you watch the NieR:Automata “Memories of the Dolls” music concert?

  • No. (1524)
  • Yes. (1148)

Q11: Are you interested in seeing another concert?

  • Yes. (2461)
  • No. (199)

Rekka’s Comments:
▶︎ Yes: 当然。何でもやってくれたら参加したいです。だから、どんどんニーアの世界やヨコオワールドをやってください!Of course. I want to go to any event that you might set up, so please expand further on the world of NieR and the World of Yoko Taro!

Q12: Did you… do that?

  • I did it once. (757)
  • I haven’t done it yet. (723)
  • I can’t say it loud, but I backed it up first then did it. (506)
  • I don’t plan to do it. (292)
  • I did it more than three times. (284)
  • I did it twice. (180)

Q13: Question from Director Yoko Taro: “It’s a hobby of mine to cut out the magazine articles about “NieR”, but it’s such a taxing job, I can’t stand it.  But if such a thing could be manufactured and sold in about half a year, I always thought it would be nice if Famitsu gathered up all their NieR related articles and cross-reviews and offer it for sale on demand as an e-book or online for 780yen or so. Additionally, this is completely off topic, but…  Producers have that image as though they have a lover, don’t they?”

  • Yes. (2111)
  • No. (602)

Rekka’s Comments:
▶︎ Yes: ヨコオさんの作品何でも買いますので、ご安心してください。やったら私は必ず買います。忘れないでください。やったら必ず買いますので。やって、買う!I will buy anything Yoko makes, so there’s no need to worry there. If you make it, I will buy it. Don’t forget. Do it and I will buy!

Q14: Have you played the previous installment in the NieR series?

  • Yes. (1496)
  • I may play it later? (846)
  • I haven’t played it. (355)
  • I don’t plan on playing it. (47)

Q15: Are you playing “SINoALICE”?

  • Yes, I’m playing it. (1765)
  • I’m not playing it. (410)
  • I plan on playing it. (356)
  • I don’t plan on playing it. (235)

Rekka’s Comments:
▶︎ 当然!今の頃はいろんなサーバー問題がいっぱいあるけど、それがあっても楽しくプレイしてますよ!Of course! There’s a ton of problems with the server right now, but even through that, I’m having fun playing it!

Famitsu Issue No.1468

Yesterday in the new issue of Famitsu magazine, we were treated to 6 new pages of NieR:Automata goodness introducing the Amusement Park area with their clownish Bio-machines and the Submerged City.

Below are my own [bad] scans of the pages. I also included some other images that I got from the Famitsu App. I edited and cleaned them up more, so those few images ought to look the nicest.


Could the ruins of a dreamland be but a nightmare awaiting 2B!?

We’re down to about a month left before the release of NieR:Automata. This time, we take a closer look at two locations that have not yet been announced: the Amusement Park Ruins and the Submerged City. We’ll also take another look at the mounts in the field and areas near water where you can fish!

NieR:Automata meets amazarashi Collaboration Project

The joint collaboration between NieR:Automata and the rock band amazarashi was just announced during the 2nd Live Broadcast. The first edition release of their new single “Inch ni Fusawashii” comes with an original picture book directed by Yoko Taro. There will also be a cool music video to show off more of Automata’s world view.



A dreamland that people once enjoyed. There is a special community of Bio-machines in this area, many of which are dressed in flamboyant costumes.

Amusement Park Ruins

Clown-type Bio-machines appear. Perhaps they’ll give 2B a warm welcome?

Production Notes:
I’m the sound designer, Shindo. I work on the sound effects and everything besides the BGM, stuff like “pew-pew” and “booom” and “uh-huh”. I’m from Kansai, so I always explain stuff with sounds.

The sound effects are subtle and don’t stand out all that much, but I made a ton of them! Even after a deadline had passed, I kept getting requests for more SFX from the game designer: this happened at least 30 times! They’d always come with a note that said, “By Order of Yoko, the Director~~” But I’m losing so much sleep, my skin’s going to be a mess…… That’s about when Yoko brought in his favorite donuts. They taste way better than eating them at the normal time. He, on the other hand, had seconds… Yoko, you’re so unfair…… —Platinum Games Lead Sound Designer, Shindo Masato

The Submerged City

This is a large city devastated by an all-out war that left it submerged by rising sea level. All that’s left are skyscrapers peeking out of the water, a remainder of the world’s past splendor.

2B attacks a Bio-machine in the Submerged City with her bare hands. This type of attack has its own visual effects. Although this attack is rather fast since no weapon is necessary, it hardly packs any significant punch.



Wild Animals

You can ride on a large moose! You can’t drift, but they have an amazing ability to jump!

You can bash into enemies while on the boar or even fire simultaneously with Pod.

Just like in the previous game, you can drift on the boar, an irreplaceable aspect of “NieR”.

Production Notes:
I’m in charge of the BGM and the implementation of environment sounds. The BGM seamlessly switches as you progress through the game, but “how long should it continue” or “what about in this situation?” I have to be sure of all of this. Then based on the instructions from Mr. Director Yoko, I can keep working, filling in the gaps in the crossroads. This is often the most difficult thing to work out, but it can also be fun. In the end I feel like “Man, this ain’t gonna work (seriously)” and then the desperation hits, but I suppose everything worked out well anyway! I just hope he isn’t hiding any additional areas from me… Well, maybe it’ll be alright! —Platinum Games Implementation, Ueda Masami

  • This issue of Famitsu also corrected a mistake printed in an earlier issue stating the voice actress for Anemone. It was originally printed as Kanou Chiaki, however this is incorrect. The same actress who plays Operator 21O, Hatsumi Meari, will voice Anemone.


Anywhere there’s water, you can toss Pod in to have fun fishing. You can catch fish, Bio-machine type of fish, and a bunch of other interesting things. Just what exactly can the the stuff you catch be used for……!?

Create your own musical arrangements at the jukebox!

There is a handy little jukebox within the Resistance Camp where you can play some tunes from the Automata soundtrack. You can even change the lyrics, turn on or off the vocals and chorus among other things to make your own arrangements. Look forward to creating your own soundtrack just the way you like it for a little change in atmosphere.

Just like any other program, you mix around the rhythm and vocal tracks in the game to create your own musical settings here at the funky jukebox!


Regarding the Submerged or Sunken City, we first got a glimpse of this area at the NieR Music Concert & Talk Live back in April of last year. They had a really nice display of design images, concept art, and more at the show, including these shots of the Submerged City:



Lastly, I wanted to mention something about that red-headed character that seems to be hanging around the jukebox.

Is it just me, or does she appear to be a YoRHa android with a typical visor obscuring her eyes? I couldn’t help be feel excited to see this because…

This was my YoRHa cosplay from Halloween 2014 as the Destroyer Type “YoRHa No34”. I doubt this character in Automata is anyone important, but… now I feel like I should make a new cosplay for her, too. xD

Edit: According to the new updates by Famitsu, this particular NPC does in fact appear to be a YoRHa Android like I had suspected.

Message from Final Fantasy Director Tabata Hajime

To all FF fans and NieR fans:

To celebrate the release of FFXV, we’ve decided on a collaboration with NieR! Noctis’ “Engine Blade” will appear in NieR:Automata! It will be really interesting to see what sort of moves it will have! Actually, not even I know everything about it yet, but I’m sure it will be awesome. Just like all of you, I’m really looking forward to it.

And also, FFXV will get “something” from NieR! But we’ll talk more about it later! So, while you’re having fun playing the soon-to-be-released FFXV, I hope you also look forward to NieR:Automata! Tabata Hajime

Translation by Fire Sanctuary
Source: Famitsu

NieR:Automata Updates – Famitsu No.1460

There were a couple new updates this week for NieR:Automata. Check out the new pages that were published in this week’s issue of Famitsu!

famitsu-no1460-01 famitsu-no1460-02

The two new titles by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV and NieR:Automata have just been revealed to collaborate together. Noctis’ Engine Blade will be an available weapon for 2B! FFXV will also borrow something from Automata, but exactly what that will be has yet to be announced!


FFXV will be out soon, huh? I’m so happy for them! I thought it was very “NieR” like to have to ride such a big wave as this, so I asked Taba-chan for a favor. “Gif us some cool weapon from FFXV!” And what did he cough up–? The actual Engine Blade!! How sweet is that!? Taba-chan’s the man! FFXV is the best! So, please, look forward to the release of NieR:Automata! ーSaito Yosuke, Producer

Since the release of FFXV is quickly approaching, I wanted to congratulate them & this has been something I’ve been hoping to see for a long time! ……I’m really glad the release date for NieR:Automata doesn’t overlap (seriously). We were also very lucky to introduce the Engine Blade into the world of NieR. We were able to borrow not only the weapon design but also the special effects and the unique damage indicator displays as well! The director involved said, “We had a look at FFXV and visually copied it.” I was also able to include a Weapon Story for it. I thought, “Is this really going to be okay?” but the FFXV supervising team gave us the OK, so… I guess it’s okay……probably. ーYoko Taro, Director

Equipping the Engine Blade will alter the evasion effects.

The numbers indicating damage will also change to be more like FFXV.

What is the Engine Blade?

The Engine Blade is one of the single-handed swords that Noctis uses. It is the sword that is given to him on his 16th birthday from his father. The blade features a unique mechanism at its hilt. As the blade is swung, the mechanism activates and gives off a distinctive “engine” sound. As enemies are defeated, the engine absorbs energy from their elements.



Hi, I’m one of the Environment artists, Kouda.
9S is pretty cute, huh? Despite being something seldom seen, I thought that showing off his kneecaps was a must. I’m really glad I suggested it to Yoko that one night out drinking that we have a cute guy in the game (I doubt he remembers this, though). Actually, one thing that sticks in my mind is Yoshida-san’s rough sketch of him in a sailor uniformーit’s unfortunate nothing became of it……
I sort of got off topic there, but it’s thanks to the background team that the environments turned out so beautifully. Of course, there will be plenty of exhilarating action, but it’s also fun to stroll through gorgeous locations like this, right? ーKouda Kazuma, PG Environment Concept Artist

 Forest Region

Running along a quietly flowing river, a luscious green forest rich in nature opens wide into a expansive field beyond. Deep within the forest lies the ruins of a gigantic castle that holds the remains of an ancient, lost civilization. There’s even the figure of a run-down Bio-machine standing in the middle of the road as though it were protecting the castle.


Top Image: Further in the distance in this picture of 2B and 9S running, you can see something that resembles a reindeer. Perhaps it can be ridden, too!?

Main Art: It’s now become known that the location depicted in the very first promotional illustration is actually of this Forest Region.

Production Notes: I’m Mashiba, the Environment Artist in charge of the background development. The one known as Kaji (Kaji Yasuyuki) used to be the background team leader, but now this responsibility was passed to me.
The expansive world in ruin is turning out to be much larger than originally imagined. I was in charge of the maps in the Bunker and the Factory Ruins among others, but since he stepped down halfway through development, the remaining work fell on me to complete. Although you may thing “Why was this world made so huge?”, we’re working on increasing the quality, so we hope you look forward to it! ーMashiba Junpei, PG Environment Artist


The Bio-machines that appear in the Forest Region have a very medieval feeling to them with their heavy armor; there’s something about it that seems rather humorous. The one who appears to be the leader, the one in command, leads some sort of battle exercise, and fight in large formations.

Bio-machines in hardened medieval armor

Bio-machines fighting in formation


Weapon Intro: Spear

Up until now, we’ve introduced the single-handed sword, double-handed sword, and gauntlet weapon types. Next up we’ve got spears. Compared to other weapon types, the spears are average class, but they make up for that in their power and reach. However, since they’re mostly a thrust weapon, they can become a disadvantage when many enemies rush you at once.

First Edition Release Bonus Items

It has been announced that the first edition release will come with special bonus items as well as purchasing the game from various store locations. The first release will come with a production code to change 2B’s Pod into Weiss from the previous game. Other bonus items include Pod variants from the SQEX e-STORE,, Tsutaya, PlayStation Store, Geo, and Lawson.

Tokaigi 2017: The NieR Music Concert returns!
Tokaigi is a somewhat scaled-down version of TGS that will take place on Saturday and Sunday, February 11 and 12 at Makuhari Messe. This will be the second coming of the NieR “White of Destruction, Black of Rebirth” concert that was held earlier this year in April. More detailed information about this event will be released at a later date.


This issue of Famitsu also featured a nice ranking of the best, high quality PS3 games as chosen by gamers. See the translation below the picture.


Player’s Choice of High Quality PS3 Games – Top 30
#6 NieR Replicant (197 Votes)

NieR is an Action RPG that puts you into battle against “Shades” in order to save your little sister inflicted with an incurable disease. For every main boss you defeat, you collect the “Sealed Verses” that act as power-ups for your weapons and magic, all within a story torn between themes of love and despair. Especially with that shocking B Ending; perhaps it has been seared into your memory!?

Players’ Comments

  • This is a game that you can experience so many things that you normally wouldn’t, and even long after its release, I feel like so much of it has stayed with me, in my heart. (30s / Male)
  • My heart was throughly ripped out from the second play-through. (30s / Female)


  • Images and Translations by Fire Sanctuary
  • Famitsu