A First Look at the NieR:Automata Novel – A Long Story

I just got the novel and flipped through it today. It was 318 pages and seems to follow the narrative of the game well from what I’ve skimmed through thus far.

* Any mistakes or further details will be updated ASAP! <3

■ Table of Contents and More

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: 2B’s Story – Activation
  • Chapter 2: 2B’s Story – Resonance
  • Chapter 3: 2B’s Story – Contact
  • Chapter 4: 2B’s Story – Alienation
  • Chapter 5: 2B’s Story – Confrontation
  • Chapter 6: 2B’s Story – Reunion (Ending A/B)
  • Chapter 7: 9S’s Story – Loss
  • Chapter 8: 9S’s Story – Pilgrimage
  • Chapter 9: 9S’s Story – Obsession
  • Chapter 10: 9S’s Story – The Truth (Ending D)
  • Epilogue

There are several “side” moments in chapters that give a personal look into the character’s thoughts and additional scenes. My summaries below alternate between an omniscient third-person view to a first-person view from a specific character. Please accuse any awkward shifts between views and/or tenses. 😛

 Chapter 1: Another Side “Adam”   p. 26-28

The first thing to notice about the beginning of both Adam and Eve’s asides are that they begin in complete hiragana–no katakana or kanji. This generally illustrates the mental capacity of the speaker, so since this was shortly after their “birth”, they aren’t all that intelligent. But gradually through the passage, they begin to use more difficult words, throwing in both katakana and kanji until by the end of the passage they are speaking like normal to show their rapid growth.

Adam discusses how he came to be, mentioning that it was during a difficult time when the machines were losing to the violent androids, which caused the machines to search through the network for what they should do. In order to effectively hit back at the androids, they thought perhaps using the data from the androids’ creators–humanity–would be the best way forward. While they were searching about humanity listed in the network, they came across the name “Adam” who was said to have been the FIRST human–created by GOD–from which all others came. Androids were created in the image of and by humans, and humans were created in the image of and by god. And so the machine Adam was created in the image of god.

Many machines used up all of the energy in their cores in order to create Adam. Shortly after his birth, he encounters 2B and 9S and is easily beaten. But he manages to search through the network for something that could protect him. The answer to that was Eve. Just as the machines created Adam, so did Adam create Eve. Adam mentions here that he doesn’t remember this ever happening and that he learns about it after the fact because… he was unconscious at the time Eve came to be. Adam has no direct memory of this moment.

Later, both Adam and Eve had to find a new place to live; the machines who gave birth to them were dead, they no longer had any place to stay, everything seemed to have been destroyed. Eve tells Adam that all the machines were crushed and shattered under the debris. Adam mentions how much Eve wants to mimic him and yet he wonders who he might mimic…?

Adam says that Eve loves to learn and practice physical exercises (he’s the brute) but had no interest in intellectual studies: language or knowledge. Here the phrase “人間ごっこ” is dropped. It basically means their desire to “chase after humanity”, to mimic and become more like them. Eve shows little interest in reading or listening to music, but if he’s even slightly able to move around and use his body, he seems happy. But there lies the problem, he says. “We must become wise.”

Adam mentions that Eve is another manifestation of himself. Both “Adam” and “Eve” are “oneself”; however, Eve dubs him “Brother”. This becomes a sort of identity for Adam, and as the first born also brings with it a certain sense of duty, the attributes deemed upon an older brother. And likewise, as the one born after, Eve is dubbed “Little Brother” and given the attributes of that role. Although they were two instances of the same “self”, they each had their own unique faces and inner mind.

For Adam, there were far too many things he couldn’t understand. He realizes that knowledge is handed down by ones “parents” and “teachers” over the years of gentle rearing and intense study… but he has neither “parent” nor “teacher” to help teach him. He must rear himself, study on his own, gain knowledge on his own, and work toward understanding all on his own. All he can do is stand in utter amazement at how far down the road attaining any of this will be–how long will it take?

Adam occasionally stands next to a door, contemplating if they are the culprits who, before being ousted from paradise, in fact tear it down in complete destruction. As humanity survived by yearning for Eden through wisdom, they must obtain wisdom without being seduced. They need no one and require no road forward. Autonomy is perfect solitude. “For the creator who indirectly bestowed upon us such a fate, I merely embrace complexity. If I deliberately put a name on it….. I would call this emotion hatred.”

 Chapter 2: Another Side “Eve”   p. 53-56

 Chapter 3: Another Side “A2”   p. 72-78

A2 hears the machines shouting to protect the infant king and she realizes that there are “protector” machines. To protect something means that you must fight. This style of fighting felt oddly nostalgic to her…because she no longer has anything to protect; all of her friends were dead. All of the partners she had faith in (namely the Resistance members) were now her enemies. Anything other than herself must be destroyed. There is only one reason to fight: to destroy. There is no point in thinking petty things; only destroy.

A2 mentions how the actions of the machines in the “Forest Kingdom” seem so archaic. She understands how much one must grow in strength in order to protect the one thing that matters most, because she is exactly the same.

She reminisces on her past self, a YoRHa Attacker prototype…and how she really wasn’t suited for such a designation. That being so, she still had subordinates that she was in charge of and was assigned by Command to protect; and so she had to try her best even if her ability was below par. At the time she thought they were “placing unreasonable expectations” on her.

Whether she was good or bad at it, In the end, the battle was all there was. She had those to protect, her other YoRHa subordinates as well as the members of the Resistance. The only reason No2/A2 was able to grow in strength was due to her desire to protect the others.

A2 first sees the machines performing exercises in tight formation when she sets foot into the forest. It surprised her, how machines would perform routine exercises because that suggests they posses a great deal of judgement and ability to think. Machines that only move precisely according to command should not have been possible.

Although she was taken aback, A2 thought that anomalies such as this could happen. Command would throw androids with their own sense of self onto the battlefield and then unjustly dispose of them after harvesting their data. Because androids neither have blood nor tears. No, in all actuality, androids do posses a red fluid that resembles the blood of humans, and the fluid that pours from the eyes of androids is nothing more than a cleaner, pure liquid that resemble human tears.

As A2 moves further through the forest, the machines shout to move the King to a safer location. Therefore, she must be on the right path. They must be retreating back to the throne of the “Forest King”. She treks through the woods, taking out groups of machines here and there, and wonders how much time she’s wasting because she must act alone. If she had others working along with her, she could have gotten through the forest so much faster…

But there are also some benefits from fighting alone: no one can betray you. You might not be able to get outside knowledge, but then again, you can’t be blackmailed from receiving said knowledge, nor are you tormented by suspicion. There is no point in worrying over who is your friend or foe.

A2 hears the machines shout that an intruder has been spotted and instantly feels uneasy. The so-called “intruder” could be someone other than herself. And if they are androids with other ideas besides the destruction of the Forest machines… perhaps they are actually hunting Attacker No2, aka A2.

If that’s the case, then this mission has become annoying. She’ll have to alter her plans to aim directly for the throne room, destroying machines on the way. She will have to limit her encounters with machines and try to hide her presence as much as possible.

“Do not let them pass”, shouts a voice that A2 hears from a distance. It obviously was not directed toward her. Taking a closer look, A2 notices two androids approaching a bridge guarded by many machines.

“Don’t lower your guard!”
“That’s my line! Be careful, 9S!”

A2 thought, “No9 Type S, huh? A highly efficient Scanner model. The other one is a model that shares my own face.”

“Them again,” A2 thought. “After how many encounters will they give up? Seriously, fuck off–it’s annoying.” She thought it was in serious bad taste for Command to use her own battle data to create the newer Battler models, but in actuality, Command might have just been stupid.

“Run, 2B!” 9S shouts.

2B? She’s not an E-Type? Then maybe they’re not after me and our paths just happened to cross. Maybe they were part of a unit dispatched to take out the machines here.

A2 climbs the castle walls but 2B and 9S are already there when she reaches the top, indeed it must have been faster for the two of them to clear the way through the machines as opposed to going it alone.

“This is the King?” A2 hears one of them say. She’s confused why they just stand around, staring, not attacking the machines. She is unable to satiate her patience and she jumps forward. She glanced down at the tiny machine and put her sword through it. Unapologetically, she removed her sword from the machine, her job here done.

“2B! That’s an android! A YoRHa type!” 9S shouted.

Indeed, these two were not after A2. A voice came from the square box that said, “Recommend destruction of the target.” But the two seemed oddly uneasy with their given commands. How laughable.

“Destruction? Why!”
“9S, let’s go!”

I get it now. So, 2B’s the one with the mind to kill. Fine. If that’s what they want, then I shall oblige. No matter how many times it takes, I will kill them.

Again, the one voice I never wanted to hear again came from the square box.

“Bunker to 2B and 9S: We’ve picked up the Black Box signal from the wanted A2. The one before you is the enemy. She is a deserter who killed an uncountable number of squadrons! You will be killed if you do nothing!”

That’s right. I have killed you many times. There may be some misunderstanding in her expression, but Miss Commander is not wrong in what she said. She’s only withholding certain facts.

And still A2 heard 9S’s voice of confusion, “But…”

This was new. Even 2E’s–no, 2B’s actions seemed different somehow. There was something missing in her expression. If I may be blunt, it was something like vitality. Like being slightly neglectful somewhere, or giving up on something……

Oh, that’s right. That’s me. The other No2 model that shares my face has the same expression as I do. I stopped my attack. Enough of this. I separated myself from the two and leapt up to the window. I could hear 9S shouting at me from behind.

“Why……? What did you betray us?!”

I had no obligation or courtesy to answer, but I couldn’t let this go. I merely answered without glancing back, “Wasn’t it Command who betrayed you?”

I have no idea what 9S looked like when I said that, nor do I really want to know. I just kicked the window open and jumped down.

 Chapter 4: Another Side “Adam”   p. 106-110

 Chapter 5: 2B’s Story – Confrontation  p. 113-128

* Summary / Translation of p. 121-124

Adam: I prepared something just for you. In order to fight, you need a special reason, right?

It was a crucified 9S. With spears piercing through his four limbs, it was doubtful he had any willpower left to fight. He didn’t struggle or groan but rather appeared lifeless.

2B: You bastard……!

Her mouth dried up in an instant, and she was aware of her own rapid breathing.

2B: ……I will kill you.

Something bit a hole right through her. She couldn’t hold it back. Her hands began to shake unintentionally. Bemused, Adam laughed and jumped down to the ground.

Adam: That’s it, that feeling! Hatred!

Who cares what it is? I will kill you. With all her strength, she ran and flew forward.

2B: You asshole!!

Determined, she slashed; her vision going red. Screams rang in her ears as well as Adam’s laughter.

Adam: We are deeply in love with humanity. Could you say that both us machines and you androids aren’t so different?

I wanted to shut him up. I wanted to shove a spear through his mouth that kept spewing such annoying words. Unable to do so, I kept attacking frantically.

Adam: But, you’ve realized it, haven’t you? That humanity is already extinct.

2B: Shut up!

Looking at Adam’s face, 2B attempted to kick him but missed. Getting more and more annoyed, she struck forward with her blade.

Pod042: Warning: The enemy is masking some information.

2B: Shut up!

Shut up, Adam! Shut up, Pod! I don’t want to hear it! Just shut up!
Humanity is extinct? I don’t know that. I don’t even want to think about it. There’s no need to think about it.

Adam laughed in a loud voice, his shirt gradually turning red. Looking at him with teeth bared and laughing disgusted me to no end.

He is a machine. They are different from us androids. Even if they have warm bodily fluids, they are still different.

Their goals are different. Their significance of existence is different. Our paths forward are different… they must be.

2B: Die……!

That moment was disappointing. With nothing to obstruct the blade, it sunk in deep. She was dumbfounded at the feeling of her blade sinking into his body and how it felt no different than a knife cutting through meat. ……it was a feeling she knew well.

Whether in pain or in an attempt to attack, Adam clutched onto 2B. But there was little strength in his arms, and one wrapped around the back of her head slipped to her shoulder.

He pulled the sword free as warm blood splattered out and drenched her from the head down. He fell to his knees first before completely collapsing to the ground.

Adam: So…… this is death……

He appeared both satisfied and yet not. But there was certainly a smile upon his lips.

Adam: It’s so dark…… and cold……

A pool or red liquid began to expand beneath his body. While breathing hard, 2B merely watched.

She couldn’t get those words out of her head, that machines and androids were the same. She wanted to dismiss it out right as nothing but stupid lies, but it incessantly kept tugging at her strings. It must simply be because of that feeling, of slashing her sword through him. Because it was surprisingly similar. That must be it, it has to be……

Suddenly there was a loud thud of something heavy falling to the ground behind her. She gasped as she turned around. 9S lay collapsed on the white pavement. All around him lay fragments of the outer wall.

2B: 9S!

Running to his side, she raised him in her arms. 9S’s throat shook slightly. She could tell he was trying to say “2B” through his open lips. It’s alright, there’s still a signal from his Black Box. His personal data is fine.

Something warm spread in the depths of her heart. At the same time, something black like a small stain fell.

What was that? No, it doesn’t matter right now. Figuring that out can wait.

2B: Yeah, let’s go, 9S.

2B gently raised 9S’s body in her arms.

 Chapter 5: Another Side “Eve”   p. 125-128

 Chapter 6: Pod   p. 157-158

May 2, 11945. A Goliath machine appeared in the Sunken City, sunk the aircraft carrier Blue Ridge II, and attempted to land. Surrounding YoRHa squadrons commenced firing to stop its progress. An individual unit’s counter attack was successful.

However, at the time of destruction, an EMP burst swept through the YoRHa ranks, leaving them with serious damage, YoRHa 9S crashed in the inland area. He was abducted by Adam and put into a restricted state for a long time. Since there was a risk of infection, he underwent a major data overhaul on the Bunker. An error occurred in the final sequence of the overhaul. A sort of noice was detected when the server on the Bunker attempted to copy the data, which 9S decided to stop investigating any further. Perhaps he could discover the origin of the noice by accessing the main server.

That is when he discovered an odd firewall within a port, which he destroyed. Ignoring the warnings, he obtained the information lying within. It was the index for the top secret “Project YoRHa Records”. As a high-performance Scanner type, he could foresee the possibility of discovering the top secret “Project YoRHa” records. And so he attempted again and again to gain access to the file.

Although the Pod assigned to 9S is designed to assist the android, it also has higher orders to immediately relay any abnormal activity to Command via the E-Type unit. From that point, the Commander may relay the kill order to 2B, or rather, 2E. Then 2E must promptly reset 9S’s personal data and delete specific portions of his memory. However, this time played out very differently. Not only did the Commander not give 2E the kill order, but she also lent 9S a tip regarding the recorded summary on the Council of Humanity and Project YoRHa. It was a very difficult action to understand.

June 26, 11945. A large-scale aerial operation begins. After the destruction of “Adam” and “Eve” and the direct disruption to the chain of command, the remaining machines seem to be in chaos. Both 2B and 9S participate in the operation. Our undisclosed duty may be close at hand.

Report: Pod153 to Pod042. Recording to the internal network is complete.
Proposal: Prepare the final sequence.

 Chapter 7: Another Side “A2”   p. 190-193

A2 is used to fighting YoRHa. She’s made to fight against 2B and 9S multiple times. But she’s had little experience fighting infected YoRHa units. It matters little whether there are a lot of few–what she must do remains the same. She no longer has any friends, so whoever she may meet must be destroyed, no questions.  That’s why she was shocked to meet someone and not end up fighting them.

A2 comes to 2B’s aid when multiple infected units come to strike her down. Once all of the infected units are dealt with, 2B does not attempt to attack A2. 2B removes her visor and shows her red eyes, the tell-tale sign of infection. 2B stabs her sword into the ground and says, “These are my memories.” A2 didn’t quite understand what she meant buy that, but knew that 2B did not intend to fight. It was amazing that 2B was still able to control her own body given the advancement of the virus. “I leave everyone… the future… in your hands, A2.”

A2 first met this 2B back in the Forest Castle, and just like the previous 2Bs she had encountered, they had crossed swords at least once. And yet still 2B asked for a favor, to her logical enemy. A2 had no obligation to even lend an ear to what she had to say, and yet she couldn’t refuse.

A2 had killed many companions who had been infected with the virus in the past. They all spoke the same thing and she could never refuse their wishes. 2B couldn’t have known this and yet she still pleaded with A2; exactly like her fallen companions. As A2 says “I understand”, 2B seemed relieved, from the bottom of her heart.

The moment A2 frees 2B’s sword from the ground, she understood what 2B had meant with “my memories.” The older prototype YoRHa units like A2 were not equipped with weapons like this, but the newer models were equipped with weaponry that could also function as an external memory storage devise. It is said that human memory is not merely thoughts stored only in the brain. Not only weapons but also clothing and footwear were developed with a recording function. Humans left records all over the place, not only on paper mediums, but also on the skin, on the walls in their homes, or even in written letters on the palm of their hands. It was also said that humans would write things on their hands in order to remember things. A2 couldn’t understand how organic beings like humans were able to remember things since they didn’t have memory storage devises like common androids.

And so A2 was able to see the same things that 2B saw, she heard the same things 2B heard, she felt the same pain that 2B felt. The device, however, did not save 2B’s intentions or emotions, but rather only recorded the facts as facts. That’s why A2 still did not understand what 2B was thinking. But she found a very nostalgic name within 2B’s memory: Anemone. “So, she’s still alive,” A2 thought. She then thanked 2B for giving her this information, and in return, A2 would fulfill 2B’s wishes. The Bunker fell, she was bathed in gunfire from berserked comrades, became a decoy to allow 9S to escape, crashed in the Sunken City, became infected by the virus, and met with A2 before she expended the entirety of her strength, exchanging her memory and plea…… A2 accepted it all.

2B’s last words were: “Ah, Nines……” She then died with a gentle smile on her face.

A2 then cuts her hair as proof of accepting 2B’s wishes and as an offering to the corpse whose face she shares. It was the least she could do in that moment. Since they both share the same figure, 2B could still live on through A2.

Then within rising white smoke, portions of the Tower begin to rise higher and higher through the sky. As the ground shook, A2, 2B’s body, and the approaching 9S with sword in hand, all fell into the abyss below as the bridge and ruins began to cave in.

 Chapter 8: Another Side “A2”   p. 228-250

 Chapter 9: Another Side “A2”   p. 270-279

 Chapter 10: 9S’s Story – The Truth   p. 281-318

* Summary / Translation of p. 293-301

As the dust from the debris still fluttered in the air, there stood A2. I’ve finally found her. There was no sign of any other machine in the vicinity. Pod, too, remained silent. Sign of any remaining enemy, there was none. No one will get in the way. This time, I can kill A2.

9S faced A2 with his sword drawn. Comparatively, A2 instead lowered her guard.

A2: This “Tower” is a giant cannon, aimed at the human server on the moon. If we don’t do something, all of humanity’s remaining data will be destroyed.

And then? And then what? What the hell do you think you’re spewing your mouth off now. Yeah, seriously, now of all times.

Laughter riddled from deep down in his throat. It was all so funny; he couldn’t take much more of it.

9S: Who the fuck cares……

He tried to hold back the spasms of laughter. There’s no way he could fight, laughing hysterically like this.

9S: Who the fuck cares any more? About all that shit.

A2 frowned ever so slightly. She doesn’t yet know the truth. Sure, she talk all high and mighty about that ancient information.

9S: Did you know? Humanity is already extinct.

That’s what he couldn’t bring himself to tell 2B: the truth. He didn’t want to shock her. He didn’t want to cause her any grief. And so he withheld that information from her, to the very end.

9S: To cover up the truth and to give androids a purpose for risking their lives in battle, a fake server was set up on the face of the moon. We were created in order to perpetuate that lie.

We weren’t created to eliminate all machine life and reclaim the planet.

9S: And to perfect that lie, YoRHa was designed to be disposed of from the very beginning.

Humanity is on the moon. Only that lie will remain. Nothing else…… matters.

9S: Did you know? The Commander, me, 2B…… We’re nothing but pawns to be sacrificed!

We weren’t created to give the forces of humanity hope. We weren’t created be cause anyone wished for it. No one desired for our existence and yet we’re made to fight and die. There is no…… meaning in life.

Those red girls weren’t lying. It was all true.

‘There is no meaning in your existence.’

That was it exactly.

A2: 9S, we……

9S: Shut up!

Don’t look at me like that, he shouted from deep within his soul. I will not forgive you for having the same face as 2B. Or even carrying her sword, the same one… that day…

9S: You killed 2B.

That was the one thing, above all else, that could not be forgiven. Even if 2B had already been infected with the virus. Even if those eyes she used to look back at him were red.

9S: That’s all we need. For us to kill each other.

The sword now in A2’s hand was the same one that stole 2B’s life. That truth will never change.

A2: 2B……

Again 2B’s name was upon her lips!

A2: 2B suffered a great deal; having to hide her true type designation, killing you over and over again.

Hide her true designation? How does she know that trutht?

A2: Her actual designation was an E model, tasked with executing other YoRHa units.

Why does she know that?

As an E model, 2B was tasked with “executing 9S when he obtains top secret classified information”. He didn’t even realize this until he had traveled along with and had been with 2B for a long time. He began to suspect something when there was hardly any information on the “E Models” stored in his memory.

Then they encountered the android in the City Ruins who had lost her memory. She feigned friendship with another YoRHa unit, monitored and then executed them. Unable to bear the truth of her actions, she inevitably erased her own memory.

He could remember thinking, “Wow, so there are E models out there……” He was confused that he thought that way. It wasn’t a secret that E models existed, but all pertinent information regarding their assigned duty was entirely left out of his memory. And then he realized it: the information had been intentionally deleted. In the past, he had been executed by an E model and his memory erased. In order to leave no traces of the execution behind, it was necessary to delete nearly all of the memory data. That’s why even the information on the E models was deleted.

And the remaining truth: the unit in charge of performing these executions had to pose as a close friend. For the E model to accomplish its task, it required greater combat efficiency than a B model. After fighting beside with 2B for such a long time, he realized that she was “too strong to be a mere B model”. That was the only card that fit. There was no mistaking it.

A2: But, you knew that… Right, 9S?

9S: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Shut your mouth. Don’t speak you know everything, with 2B’s face! You don’t know shit!

9S: What do you know anything about us!

9S clenched tightly to his sword. I have to act fast, he thought. The noise in his head was intense. The infection was progressing. He had to finish her off before his physical mobility became impaired.

Tight when his vision began to cloud in mosaic patterns, Pod tried to get in the way.

Pod153: Proposal: Cease combat. Fighting her at this point would be illogical.

9S: Pod153: I order you to halt all logical thought and speech! This order shall remain in effect until you confirm the death of either myself or A2!

Pod retreated without a word. Perhaps it was because she was unwilling to go along with such an order that she did not respond.

Finally, A2 raised her sword. With Pod’s assistance, 9S attempted to hack her, but missed. A2 moved at such an incredible speed. It was almost as though she could predict his every move. But perhaps he had fought A2 sometime in the past–it was just that 2B had deleted that memory. If that was the case, then A2 would know more about 2B than him. He began to fill with jealousy. Anyone and everything that knows more about 2B should just disappear.

2B’s memory. Memories of 2B.

He couldn’t think clearly. He felt as though he couldn’t move his neck properly, and as he touched his hand, it felt hard and cold. Before he knew it, that hand and other mechanical degradation will occur.

I must kill her quickly, he thought. While I’m still in control of my own mind. While I still have my memories of 2B……

2B? Humanity?

9S: Why…… Why……!?

What is this feeling!? 2B is all I want to think about, so why is this other crap getting in the way!?

9S: Why…… Why do I yearn so much for humanity!?

When all I yearn for is 2B alone.

9S: Why do I desire the touch of humanity?!

When all I desire is the touch of 2B alone.

Who cares about humanity, or even the fact that they’re extinct? So then why…… why does it try to distract my thoughts of 2B? Even though my cognitive ability has been compromised to this degree, even though when I think of 2B it feels as though my bones will shatter and break, then why do I suddenly think of humanity?

A2: Because that’s how we were made. Us androids were designed that way to protect our human creators.

9S’s filed of vision continued to deteriorate severely.

A2: Our base programming, our minds……

9S: Shut up! Shut up! SHut up! SHuT uP!

The noise was unbearable. If I can’t remember 2B, if I can’t think only of her, then this brain is nothing but trash.

9S: Fine, then all that’s left is dEstrUctIon…… EveRytHing, is bEtTer oFf diSapPEariNg……

My arm doesn’t feel like it’s my own. My legs are running all on their own. What is this, this unnatural strength? Oh, the logic virus is taking over my body, and…

I’m seeing double, there are two A2s. This isn’t good. I can’t focus properly this way.

Just when he thought he would be killed, A2 stopped in her tracks.

A2: 2B……

Don’t speak her name! I will never forgive you for speaking her name out of your goddamn mouth!

9S thrust his sword forward with all of his might. There felt a slight backlash in his hands that gripped the blade. The sound of A2’s voice crying out in pain reached his ears.

He strained his eyes, saw a blade drenched in blood. A2 fell to the ground. I did it! I killed her! He could see A2’s face contorting in agony. Haha! Serves you right!

Finally, it’s over. Everything.

He began to falter in place, and suddenly he couldn’t breathe. His mouth went dry in an instant.

9S: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

He heard a loud shout, but couldn’t understand what was happening.

It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!

It’s hot. And red. I can’t breathe.

What is this? I can see a blade. What is this? Red. I feel sick. It hurts.

Was I stabbed? By A2? How?

It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! it hurts it hurts it IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS……

The pain rapidly faded away. Not only the pain, but he also began to lose all five senses as well.

Within the depths of darkness, he saw 2B’s hair. No. The one covered in a sea of blood was A2. With the same hair color as 2B.

He suddenly realized that it was a draw killing both parties.

In a blink, his consciousness seemed to fade away. He heard Pod’s voice.

Pod153: Begin urgent salvage of remaining memory.

Memory… just let it go. All of it, should just disappear…

His very first memory was greeting the Commander after just being rolled out. The next was lading on the surface of the planet for the first time and gathering intelligence information. It was really rough in the thick fog. I traversed through enemy territory, feeling little more than loneliness as I observed the machines. And then the first time I worked with 2B…… No, really, how many times did that make? My first impression was that she was a cold person. But how many times did she have to kill me by then? She must have tried to keep her distance as to not get attached. Without knowing any of that, I was just happy to be with someone. I didn’t know how much that made 2B suffer; I was simply and truly happy that she was by my side.

Beyond that…… I don’t know, I can’t remember. All sound and shades of color trickled away to nothing. My memories fade and disappear.

Yes, it’s alright. Just like this.





Hexadecimal Code

There are a couple hexadecimal blurbs in some of A2’s chapter segments, which I will list below (the majority take place in her “Another Side” in Chapter 7, with the last in Chapter 8.

Meeting with Pascal – パスカルとの出会い

Reunion with Anemone – アネモネと再会

Visiting Pascal’s Village – パスカルの村来訪

Exterminate the Bad Machines – 悪い機械を退治

Children Lost in Confusion – 子供達に懐かれ困惑

More Confusion – ますます困惑

Disaster in Pascal’s Village – パスカル村に異変

Joint Battle with Pascal – パスカルとの共闘

Pascal’s Despair – パスカルの絶望

Toward the Goliath – 大型ユニットへ

Reunion with 9S – 9Sと再開

Battle in the Library, Moving On – 図書館で戦闘、先へ進む

■ New Illustrations

I also took pics of Itahana Toshiyuki’s illustrations that are spread throughout the book! You can check these new scans out below or in the image gallery here.

■ “A Short Story”

In addition to “A Long Story”, author Eishima Jun is currently writing a collection of short story novellas from the perspective of Emil in “A Short Story”.

■ Spoilers and Important Happenings in the Novel

  • We don’t see the “You’re thinking about how much you want to **** 2B, aren’t you?” line at all in the novel because it’s only shown from 2B’s perspective (not Branch B).
  • A2 decides to erase Pascal’s memory. She sets a timer to reboot him so that she’s able to leave and not have to explain who she is and why she’s there.
  • In Chapter 3 (p. 76), A2 is relieved when she hears 9S call out to 2B. She was worried that a E-Type unit was deployed to hunt her down. This does not suggest that A2 knew that 2B actually *is* an E-Type; this knowledge is revealed when she connects with the network in the library. It’s unclear whether she first learns this when she fuses with 2B’s memory, although, given her reaction of shock while accessing the network, she may have not known until reading that information. She may have felt something was off but she had many other things to worry about than thinking deeply on 2B and her designation.
  • 9S realizes that his body is moving against his will due to the virus toward the end of the fight with A2.
  • Pod042 and Pod153 state that if they help reconstruct 2B, 9S, and A2 that this would be against their programming since they were tasked with completing the disposal and deletion of all information relating to YoRHa. Pod153 seems reluctant to go along with Pod042’s wishes because breaking with protocol would make them outcasts which the other Pods would attempt to destroy, They somehow attack the Pod network, which essentially turns the other Pods to their side, but it cannot affect all Pods. It’s a true possibility that the others could come after them again at any time.


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