Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare / Thou Shalt Not Die, Chapter Summaries

Due to my worsening schedule, I was unable to complete any new chapters after Chapter 20 before the series was officially picked up by a Western publisher (I’ve already forgotten the name; please check the release I wrote about it).

In the meantime, though, I was asked to write up a basic plot summary for the remaining chapters. I just started working on this and I meant for it to be pretty brief, but with anything that I do, I tend to make it 10x more difficult for myself… These summaries are a bit longer than I had planned, but hopefully they will be useful. I may also try to add in a couple pictures here and there, too.

As of now, there are a total of 27 chapters… and Chapter 24 begins a sort of side-story related to a bunch of special ability kids in Siberia. Those summaries will come as soon as I can write about them. Stay tuned! I’ll leave a teaser for that below…! haha

Chapter 21: Two Tears to Put Meaning in Loneliness

Mashiro’s brother committed suicide by overdose when she was a 3rd year JH student.
Her brother was just one year older than her.
Both of her parents were in the military and had high hopes for their son, who seemed to be the best at everything, unlike Mashiro.
Mashiro’s real name has three syllables, similar to her code name “Mashiro”.

Just when Mashiro thought that her prestigious family didn’t need her (she was the “black sheep”), she received the acceptance letter to join a training camp for the Special Abilities Private High School from which individual students would be selected to enter the school. She participated in the camp for half a year until the final results were released the following winter.

Sometime around then she got a phone call from her family about her brother. She goes home and sees her brother laid out on the floor with a towel over his face–somewhat typical display of the dead. She goes up into her room and discovers that her brother completely trashed it, cutting open her stuffed animals, pillows, her bed; destroying everything else in the room; spray painting things like “DIE BITCH FUCK OFF” etc. Which Mashiro was off at the training camp and doing her best, her brother was losing it because finally Mashiro was getting some praise from her parents… and she felt that she had taken his place in their eyes.

Mashiro wakes with tears streaming down her eyes. She’s in a hospital room. Her whole right arm is wrapped in bandages. She gets up and bumps into the bedside cabinet, causing a glass bottle to fall off and break. She opens the door and walks away, trailing her IV bag behind her… and the handle on the door is utterly broken. (Her physical strength is going nuts).

Kuroi has a talk with Asagi, who apparently seems to have forgotten everything that happened in France. Kuroi tells him that Kikyou is alive but is in a coma. The whole thing in France transpired three weeks ago. Asagi asks if Kuroi erased Mashiro’s memory this time, and he says that he didn’t. He couldn’t. Kuroi always thought that he could do anything with his powers, but when Mashiro’s involved, he… Asagi mentions that Kuroi’s talking rather mysteriously to which Kuroi raises his head with tears streaming down his face, “Isn’t that what love is?” When Kuroi leaves, Asagi types up something quickly on his phone. It’s his inside report on Mashiro…and he sends it to an email group called the “Project White”.


Chapter 22: Toward the Raging Flames

Momoka visits Kikyou in the hospital and realizes that she was the culprit before.

4 hours earlier, Kurumi finds Momoka playing cellphone games in the library. As they talk, Momoka mentions that Yanagi has been absent from school since the trip to France (he’s apparently resting up). Kurumi was told from the school principal to edit the video footage she recorded during the mission to France but her computer isn’t working right and she can’t open the file. It turns out that Momoka knows a thing or two about computers and helps her out. The scene cuts out as Momoka is shocked at something that she sees in the video… a figure standing behind Kikyou.

Back to present time, Momoka is outside Kikyou’s hospital room looking in at her through the big glass window. Akane comes in and mentions that Momoka’s soaking wet from the rain. She says that it was Kikyou who killed their mom and dad by fire. Akane asks if she could be wrong, and Momoka says no. Akane gets livid and is about to storm into Kikyou’s room but Momoka stops her. The doctors have said that Kikyou will never “move” again, that she’s brain dead. Momoka had been living for the day when she could avenge the death of her parents but now the one who did it is terminal… she doesn’t know what to do. She bursts into tears and embraces Akane, who takes out her lollipop and gives it to Momoka. “I’ll protect you, Momoka.”

Akane storms into Rokusho’s office. She accuses Rokusho for intentionally allowing Momoka to see the video that would reveal who really killed their parents. Akane then vows to kill her for making Momoka cry. Tokiwa appears and tells her that their parents weren’t indiscriminately killed. He explains that they are from the city of Miyata. Rokusho says that everything is connected: Tokiwa, the deaths of their parents, and this cursed school. Lastly she says that their parents were killed for the real reason why the school even exists.


Chapter 23: The Curse of Project White

Mashiro is riding on a train, thinking how she’s been having more and more gaps in her memory. As she sits with nothing but dark and gloomy thoughts on her mind, she inadvertently crushes a railing on the train and her hand begins to bleed. She knows she’s losing control of her powers.

As she’s hurrying along, she’s stopped by two men who say that they saw her on the train and were worried. They look at her hand and tell her that she’d get in trouble if word gets out that she destroyed public property. They ask her to come with them some where quieter to talk…and maybe do some other stuff…

Next we’re back to the scene with Momoka & Akane in Rokusho’s office. Rokusho tells them that in order to discuss the reason why their parents were killed, she must explain how the city came to be. The Miyata car manufacturer was established in the small city of Shirotae (white). After the war, Miyata became the top leading car manufacturer in all of Japan, from which point the company changed its name to simply “MIYATA”. At the same time, the small city of Shirotae also changed its name to Miyata in order to further develop Japan’s leading industrial city. There was a plan to construct the “Shirotae Resort” just outside of the city. However, even though it started out as a big project to promote personal health, the plans were delayed and the entire project came to a stand still. The only part of the plan that actually came to fruition was the Miyata General Hospital. That just happened to be the same hospital where Momoka & Akane’s parents worked… the hospital where “special abilities” were created. Tokiwa says that he used to work for the Miyata pharmaceutical company but both that company and Miyata General Hospital worked with a single goal in mind: Eternal youth and immortality. It was originally a project to allow the Miyata founder, Miyata Seijirou, to live forever.

Project White went through as scheduled as a cover for the illegal research on eternal life. They used illegal drugs and other treatments on a pregnant woman. They were murdered due to that unjust prosecution. Akane says that she will then kill the old man Miyata, but he apparently died 20 years ago. Although there were many sacrifices, the project still failed. Rokusho continues to explain that Project Shirotae Resort is now known as simply Project White (Shirotae), but they don’t know who’s giving the orders or who’s even working for it. All they know is that the project is still progressing, creating more special abilities, and has become the central pillar in Japan’s national defense.

Apparently even Rokusho herself was affected by this project and lost her right leg in the process. She also says that they are all fighting the same enemy; those whose parents were killed for the project, those who try to escape, those who fall victim to the project. There are still many people in the school that are connected to the project…

Back to Mashiro…
Mashiro screams and pushes back against one of the men as he tries to grab her, but his arm is twisted and broken in several places (Mashiro’s strength super powered up) and the other man takes out a knife. Just then Kuroi shows up. The man asks him who he is and he replies, “I am a knight to protect Mashiro. Ah, no, I think ‘Prince’ is more like it.” The then asks the two men who gave them their orders, but the man with the broken arm takes out a gun. Kuroi toys with them a little and they slowly back away… straight into oncoming traffic… Both men are struck by a large semi.

Kuroi then says, “Mashiro, I’ll say it one more time. This is my job.”

Back with Rokusho and gang…
Rokusho says that creating special abilities means money. Multiple countries around the world want it: USA, Russia, etc. She says that until they can destroy both Project White and the special abilities, there is no escaping this curse, and that’s including those connected to the project who are hiding in the shadows at the school as well as the main leader behind it all.

Lastly, the chapter ends with Mashiro sobbing into Kuroi’s chest as she digs her nails into his hand, drawing blood. “Kuroi-kun, I’m scared… I’m scared… I’m so scared!”


Chapter 24: Belyy (White)

This chapter begins the Siberia Arc with the characters Rosavi, Krasnyy, and Siniy. The first we see them, the trio is engaged in a training exercise involving destroying multiple drones with their combined powers. They have the typical Attacker, Gunner, and Scanner abilities, but they are able to connect their thoughts in order to attack as one. They form the “Color Squad”:

  • Krasnyy (Red): Commander (male, long hair)
  • Siniy (Blue): Attacker (male, short hair)
  • Rosavi (Pink/Rose): Supporter (female, short hair)

Back at headquarters, their training exercise is overseen by a woman with long, blonde hair named Khaki (brown), who is likewise under the command of Seryy (gray). The mission was to test their skills out on the battlefield and to determine whether they could act more efficiently than a typical army squadron that is not psychically connected to each other.

After the exercise, they get a complete physical. Just incase, Khaki gives them all a stabilizer to “calm” their abilities. Krasnyy and Siniy say that they feel great, and Rosavi says that she has no problems either, but Khaki notices that Rosavi’s arm has been injured… to which all three of them reply in unison: “I got hit during the assault. It’s not a problem.” Khaki draws Rosavi near and tells the boys that the one who’s injured is Rosavi, not them. “She’s the only girl in the squad. You need to protect her.” The three are told that the final test will be held the following week, so they need to rest while they can.

While the kids leave, Khaki and Seryy discuss the upcoming final test and the strange display of speaking in unison, but they don’t have a clear understanding of it.

Then we get a weird aside by a new character in a mask who introduces himself as Belyy (white), an integrated personality of the three. Basically, he’s a unique personality that was created when the three connected their thoughts together. He explains that he came into being three years ago when they were given the drugs to give them special abilities. No one has figured out that he’s there, controlling the three of the kids as one, and if anyone finds out… He says that he’s trapped in a cell and is hoping that if everything goes well with the upcoming test, that he will be set free. And so he must be discrete…

After every training exercise, the trio’s sex drive sky rockets and they must seek release. The three of them enter a linen closet and go at it. And the masked guy is there, explaining how he knows their every pleasurable spot…

Later that night after they’ve returned to their shared quarters, Rosavi ducks under the covers and turns on a flashlight, looking at a magazine ad for some trip to the ocean. She looks at it longingly and says, “It must be so nice…!”