A NieR:Automata Novel Has Been Revealed!

The Square Enix e-STORE has just posted a novel up for pre-order at the following page (click the image):

Title: A Long Story
Teaser: When Androids Dream of the Glory of Mankind, Do Machines Dream of Mankind?
Author: Eishima Jun
Yoko Taro
Publishing Date:
August 5, 2017
Pages: 322 pages (tentative)
Size: B6 (tentative)
Price: 1,008 yen

When you purchase this novel from the SQEX e-STORE, it will come with the following bookmark as a bonus:

Written by Eishima Jun with supervision by Yoko Taro. The story is to take place during the events of the game and give us a better insight into the characters.

“When I said, “Eishima-san is more knowledgeable about, so she can write the novel without me supervising it,” she was like nope.”

  • Ashrak Aiemain

    There is no way this will ever be in English, is there?

    • Yukino Takada

      fan translation coming soon, I bet, like most of japanese novel out there

  • Christian Q.

    Holy jesus! but no english language available?

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  • A lost Vagabond

    I understand that Eishima is the writer and that Yoko Taro directed/wrote NieR:A the game. So if Yoko Taro is the supervisor of the novel, does that still make him the author?

    • No. Since an author is a person who writes a book, he is not the author. Eishima Jun is. The concept and content flow are still his ideas, which makes him the supervisor.

      • A lost Vagabond

        Ah alright, thank you for replying!

  • Kael

    English English English OMG..